Ideas of small scale business in pakistan

New Small Scale Business IDEAS in India

New Business / March 31, 2018

Do you still believe in notion that you need huge money to start a new business? You will be surprised to know that there are several businesses that need very little or no money at all and still you can make it a profitable venture if managed properly. Today there are several dynamic individuals who aspire to start their own business but hold back thinking about money. No, none of the ideas mentioned below will make you rich shortly, but they can certainly help you to earn money without any investment or little investment. Below listed are few business ideas that can be started right now:
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultancy

SEO (search engine optimization) consultancy is one business that is made for those people who are looking forward to be an Internet marketer. SEO consultants are called as the experts who keep internet marketing strategy at pace. Among other countries, India is considered as one of the countries that have the largest percentage of Internet users in the world. Everyday there are around thousands of websites and blogs that are created, though very few survived. And, the key reason that they don’t survive is the lack of knowledge about marketing the blogs and getting high ratings.
To start a SEO consultancy you don’t need much of investment and in addition to that it is very easy and quick set up. If you don’t know how an SEO consultant works then you can take training which will not last for more than 3 months.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best and profitable businesses you can actually think of. Today you can own a blog without spending a single penny. To make enormous money in blogging will take some time as you need lot of commitment, hard work, patience, consistency and persistence. But you can always start off with blogging with a topic in which you are exceptionally good or it can be related to cooking, learning etc. It’s true that you will find n-number of bloggers but there is always a space left for the new ones. Few basic terms like CMS, Domain, SEO and many more you will learn while blogging itself.

3. Day care centers:

For Women, Daycare centres will be the most preferred business. As you know very well, In India we are seeing a huge rise in the working women population. As a result there is a huge demand for day care centres. People generally chose a daycare centre which is very close to their home. So you should always choose the day care centre in a highly populated residence. If this is done smartly, then you have to make everyone in the locality to know about you. So you need to promote your business in and around your daycare centre. Once you understand this running this business is easier.

4.Jewellery Making:

Another small business which women would love to do is Jewellery making. All you have to do is learn jewellery making especially fancy ones. There are so many 7 day programs to learn jewellery making. Once you learn it all you have to do supply to it initially to your known fancy stores, garment store, gifts store etc. and know the response. Once the response is good you can scale up to big stores and later you can come out with your own brand of jewels. You can do it small scale as well as large scale depending on your finance.

5. Wedding Planning

Wedding ceremonies are given much value in India, and Indians are very particular about their wedding as they always like to make that day memorable for lifetime. If you are creative by nature and have the capability of multi tasking then you are ready to start off with this business. All you need is to rent a place for your office and create network with clients. This business is one time investment if done in a proper way you can make money more than expected.

6. Food Restaurant Services

Do you subscribe the idea that starting a restaurant needs huge cash expense? It may be surprising but all you need is a small place where you can start your business in small scale. If you serve mouth watery delicious dishes, no matter what, you will never see your restaurant with empty tables and chairs. You have opportunities to flourish in this particular business if you manage it properly and smartly. Being creative and unique are the two specialties that one should have to establish this business.

7. Event Management Business

Event Management is one of the rapidly growing businesses in India. Every year you can see lot of events like corporate events, events for award ceremonies and parties are organized. Initially you might need some capital to start this business but the money earned is much more. In addition to that you should have the capability of building good business network and connections to run this business.

8. Recruitment Firm

Setting up a recruitment firm is one of the successful businesses; due to increasing rate of unemployment these firms are huge in demand. To start off with this business you don’t need huge investment, the only thing you would require is a small office space and contacts of few small and big companies. With rising economic crisis affecting most of the companies in India and across the globe, companies are not willing to employ many staff on a permanent basis instead they want contract staffs so as to cut cost. If you have recruitment firms you can go employ staffs for the companies and the companies will pay you certain amount as commission for a particular period of time. To succeed in this business you should know what a company wants.