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Small Scale Business IDEAS in Chennai

Small Business Ideas / July 3, 2022

Do you live in Chennai? Are you interested in starting a business in Chennai, India but you lack ideas? Then below are the top 20 small business investment opportunities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of the Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city. Chennai boasts of one of the longest natural beaches in the world called the Marina Beach that runs along the shoreline of the city. Chennai has emerged as an educational hub of the country as many renowned institutions have opened their branches here.

A city where tradition and modernity co-exist in light of a rich heritage and cultural past, Chennai is fast becoming one of the most sophisticated metropolitan. With its historical features, ancient temples, dance and art forms, Chennai is popularly known as the Gateway to South India.

As it is, the very mixture of the past and the present in Chennai creates an environment that is suitable for entrepreneurial business without the pressure that is experienced by businesses in the western world.

Without wasting time, here are a couple of business start-ups and opportunities in Chennai that a savvy entrepreneur would like to get involved with:

1. Charm Jewellery

With the mix of the old and the new, you can start a business selling charm jewellery to the tourists, especially if you carve a niche for yourself by allowing your customers to create personalized charms for themselves and their loved ones as souvenirs. This is a quaint business idea that is sure to appeal to the earth friendly crowd who love such trinkets.

If you are fit and can teach people how to live the healthy lifestyle, then you can start a yoga class at any of the available gymnasiums present. On the side, you can make extra money by advertising your personalized classes for individuals who want to train from their homes and become a personal yoga/exercise instructor.

3. Customer Experience Expert

Most companies do not have a clue about their customer experience. You can setup a website of the top 50 retailers, collate findings from customers and staff; then send it off to the companies involved and charge them consultancy fee to inform them how they can improve their weaknesses.

You can build a website that allows clients to pick out their preferred meals from different restaurants and have you deliver them. You can charge the restaurant money for the delivery service and also collect a fee from the clients for using your service.

5. Delivery Service

You can branch out from delivering food to running errands for people; from picking up their laundry to walking their pets. In the rural areas, you can branch out by offering your services to households with elderly people living in them. You can start a care/ delivery service focused mainly on the elderly.

6. Car Pooling

As a busy metropolitan city, Chennai has a lot of people trying to use the public system of transportation and often enduring large crowds. A savvy person with knowledge of bystreets and back roads can start a car pool business for residents who live in the same area. You can plan pick up times and drop off times and charge individuals who would rather have you drive them to and fro their different destinations.

7. Research Business

It has never been easier now to access information that you need. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals and businesses do not have the time to sit down and properly do the research they need for their businesses. If you are very methodical, and have a knack for organizing information, you can go into this business.

8. Night Time Delivery Service

With the advent of eBay and other online shops, most people order a lot of stuff to be delivered at home but most times due to global time difference, they often are not at home when the deliveries come in.

You can liaise with the delivery companies and their clients to let you set up a depot where the parcels can be delivered during the day, then at night when the consumers are at home, can be delivered to them.

9. Fashion Boutique

10. Book Apps

This would be a business service where your clients can get the first chapter of their favorite novels to read via email; the customers register their preferred genres and authors and every time there is a new release, they get a copy of the first chapter to read.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com