9 Low-Cost Business Ideas for College Students

Small Business IDEAS for High School Students

Small Business Ideas / January 21, 2019

Lawn Care/Landscaping Image (c) Photolink / Getty Images

This is a great summer student job because it's seasonal and is greatly in demand throughout the summer season - and almost anyone can do it. Another great thing about this small business idea is that it’s easily expandable; add landscaping and/or gardening services if you have the knowledge and abilities. See Pros & Cons of Starting a Lawn Business.

There are many variations on this type of service, some of which require no special skills or training - in my neighborhood a student comes around every spring with a rented lawn aerating machine and services all the lawns in the neighborhood. Another rents a truck and spends the spring/summer hauling garden mulch. His customers can have mulch delivered and spread on their lawns and gardens.

Guided Tours amriphoto / Getty Images

If you live in an area with historical/cultural/scenic attractions, why not start your own business offering guided tours? Don't despair if you don't live in a place with spectacular scenery or historical chops; ecotours and guided hikes are becoming increasingly popular. Taking people on tours of the local flora and fauna has the added bonus of getting outside in the sweet season.

This type of business is particularly suitable for those with language skills in tourist areas. Multilingual guides are in high demand in locations that get large numbers of non-native speaking visitors. Having a knowledge of local history, geography and (for ecotours) biology/botany are also beneficial.

House/Pet Sitting Mikolette / Getty Images

Many people travel during the summer and need someone to look after their houses and/or pets while they're gone. Making the rounds and taking in newspapers and mail, checking the house and feeding or walking “Sweetie” could be a great “summer job” business for you and it could even have the added bonus of giving you a place to live over the summer. For more information see Pet Sitting Services Home-Based Business.

House Call Geek Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

If you're technologically savvy, you have expertise that a lot of people still don't. Start your own business making house calls troubleshooting computer problems and/or showing people how to do what they want to do with their computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This is another small business idea that would work well as a part-time business post-summer, too.

Rubbish Pickup and General Hauling Services Zero Creatives / Getty Images

There are lots of people with lots of junk that they would like to dispose of, as the success of 1-800-GOT-JUNK testifies. Whether it is old furniture, debris from construction projects, or electronic junk that needs to be recycled, there is always a demand for rubbish removal, particularly if it is properly sorted and disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible. And late spring/early summer is the season of the highest demand as people do their spring clean ups.

If you have access to a truck and a strong back, this could be a money making small business idea for you.

Instructor Susan Chiang / Getty Images

If you have a particular skill and the necessary certification, teaching can be a very satisfying and lucrative small business. Music lessons spring to mind, but there are myriad other possibilities, from yoga and aerobics through mountain biking and horse riding. Tutoring in the traditional school subjects is another small business idea with an instructional theme.

Exterior House Cleaning db2stock / Getty Images

Window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing exteriors - start your own business doing the home care chores that others hate to do and you can clean up during the summer clean up season! And once you’ve established this business, it should have great carry-over potential, giving you a list of repeat clients summer after summer.

The gutter cleaning/window washing service that I use is booked up months in advance during the spring/summer season, so demand for these services is strong.

Exterior/Interior Painting Tuomas Marttila / Getty Images

Painting is another ideal summer business for students. Whether it is painting or staining a fence or putting fresh paint on the exterior of a house, there is always a demand for painting services, and it is something anyone can do with a bit of knowledge.

One student that I know has been running a very successful summer business for several years - he now hires student painters to work for him and spends most of his working hours managing the business and marketing his services.


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