7 Small Scale Business Ideas

New Small Scale Business IDEAS

New Business / April 11, 2017

Small-scale-business-in-NigeriaAre you curious about starting a business in Nigeria? If YES, here are 15 best small scale business ideas and investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can start in 2017. So take your entrepreneurial skills and let’s proceed.

Top 15 Small scale business ideas in Nigeria

1. Raw Food Stuff Business

This is one profitable business that will bring in sensible returns on investment in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerians love to eat more homemade foods than fast foods, in contrast to their foreign counterparts. Foodstuffs like rice, beans, garri, amongst others are capable of bringing in good profits.

foodstuff business2. Call Card Business

This type of business is also called the recharge card business. There is hardly any adult in Nigeria who doesn’t own a phone. This one explanation as to why those in the recharge card business are doing so well. You can join the train too and begin to tap into the market.

3. Daycare Business

call card businessThere will always be the need to make a living even after giving birth. This is probably why day care centers make good cash. The services they render is second to none and is indispensable. If you enjoy being around babies and youngsters, then you can think about starting daily care center.

4. Dry Cleaning Business

This is one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. A lot of people have done really well in this business and still are doing well. There are a lot of people who are too overwhelmed by work that they may not have the time to wash their clothes. Therefore, you can be of service to them by starting a dry cleaning business.

5. Restaurant Business

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In Nigeria, the restaurant business has continuously been on the rise. This means that it will never go out of fashion. If you think that you are a good cook, you'll be able to start a restaurant business. You will be required to do a lot in the area of cooking very great meals.

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