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Some Innovative IDEAS for Business

Business Ideas / April 13, 2020

Blogs, articles, press releases, podcasts…perhaps, you’ve done them all! But when it comes to attracting the right amount of traffic to your ecommerce store, you may have not succeeded. As we all know, churning out good quality content isn’t easy. Moreover, after you have created your precious piece of words, you must also know how to promote it.

So what is content marketing? And what makes it so important? In my opinion, “Content Marketing is a strategy used for creating content that converts visitors into enduring customers.”

The content you create should be reflective of your brand and acquaint people with your offerings so that they can establish a long term association with you.

“How do I ensure that I am promoting my brand rightly?” “What content marketing strategies should I apply?” If such questions are troubling you, take a look at some innovative content marketing ideas that will help your ecommerce business to grow:

If such questions are troubling you, take a look at some innovative content marketing ideas that will help your ecommerce business to grow:

Share customer stories

Reviews and testimonials are not enough sometimes. If you want a competitive edge over other business owners, sharing customer stories will help a lot.

Stories have the potential to take the customer feedback about your brand beyond few words. In order to share the story about your customer’s experience with your brand in an interesting manner, make sure you follow the sequence mentioned below:

  1. Describe the challenge
  2. Establish association with your brand
  3. Influence credibility
  4. Conclude

Create podcasts

Podcasts do not necessarily have to be lengthy and extensive in nature. They can be brief; of about 10 to 15 minutes wherein you can share a story, provide a tip or speak something about your product.

Making podcasts regularly can help you build an audience that follows and listens to you every time. Converting the audio file into video and publishing it on channels like Youtube also works as a lot of people are hooked to the YouTube channel of their favourite brand.

Look into the Length

When it comes to length of the content, there are several differences in the opinion of experts. There are no fixed rules as to how long a piece of content should be. However, it is believed that more words, better the content.

If the average length of an article is 1000 words, it has more chances of ranking higher on the Google search engine. This is because it is believed that more words mean better research, detailed perspective and a comprehensive description.

The topic of the article also matters a lot. For example, if the topic doesn’t need a long description, there is no use raving about it for more than 500 words. So while mulling over a particular topic related to your ecommerce business, set a word limit and write accordingly.

Include infographics

Customers and people working in ecommerce domain like to get acquainted with the facts and figures related to their industry. Infographics are widely popular and they often get more shares on social media as compared to any other piece of content.

Create an infographic that revolves around your product or services. You can collect data from different surveys, polls as well as research studies for the same. Make sure you include attractive images, graphics and comparison charts to draw more traffic.

Make video tutorials

According to Facebook’s announcement in November 2015, it got 8 billion daily video views. YouTube, on the other hand, gets 4.9 billion video views daily. Needless to say, videos are important.

When you create a video tutorial about your product or service and share it on a popular social media forum, it plays a huge role in attracting audiences and converting them into permanent customers. After sharing the video tutorials, you can also know about the number of views and shares the video has fetched.

Likes and comments from people also provide you with a perspective about the quality of your tutorials. So make sure you share your knowledge and grow.

Conduct interviews with experts

Social monitoring tools like Buzzsumo which will help you find out about industry specialists that have a huge social media following and online presence. Start creating a list of ecommerce experts and gather the emails to get in touch with them. You can also find out more about them by visiting their websites and social media profiles.

Once you’ve done your research about them, you can send a professional invitation. Record a short interview video and release it on the best platforms. But before conducting the interview, do your homework as you at least want to sound like someone who has the know-how of what is being talked about.

On a concluding note, creating valuable content that projects your ecommerce business in the right way is very important. Try implementing the above-mentioned ideas at regular intervals as they will help you connect with your customers and help your business conquer new heights.

maulik-shah Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd., one of the leading web design and Development Companies in India. He also runs Biztech Blog, where he shares insights from the world of ecommerce and other web based technologies.

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