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Business Ideas / March 19, 2021

My wife started a home cleaning business a year ago with $1K and it's growing gangbusters.

They were profitable the first month and now do over $30K/month in sales with gross profit margin of 50%.

Since there's very little overhead, she and her 2 business partners share the gross profit. Each person gets $5K+ per month.

If she replaced the 2 partners with full time employees, she would net $8K per month.

All workers are real employees with higher than average wages. No one is subcontracted. No one is paid under the table. Everything is done by the book. That's very important.

A few things:

  • Everyone wants a clean home. Some will pay handsomely for it.
  • Quality and customer service are king. If your teams show up on time, do awesome work, and everyone's friendly and responsive, then there's no need to be the cheapest. You will always have customers.
  • Automation is critical. It helps reduce the administrative workload (website, calendar, payment processing, accounting software, payroll, etc is all tied together) and helps you scale.
  • All leads are generated from social so easy to start and stop at any time.
  • My wife is an attorney. Didn't know much about cleaning nor starting a business. But she does now!
  • The cash flow from a "mundane" business like this one can be used to acquire other investments, like real estate rentals.
  • You can even build the business and sell the company for a nice payout.

Here's their site:

If people want, I can build out a mini online course explaining how she does it. (She approves the idea. The pie is big enough for everyone.)

Just upvote this answer if you want more. I can add a link when the course is ready.

EDIT: Wow this really blew up! RIP my inbox. I will make the course. I'm tied up with a conference next week thru Wed but will jump on it after that. Keep upvoting this post if you want more details. (I don't have any other way to get in touch with you.)

We should turn this whole thing into the International Association of Awesome Home Cleaners of something like that!

EDIT: I put more info - including an interview with Elena - here:

JFYI, below is a screenshot of Stripe payments. They originally accepted cash, check, and credit card payments, but to streamline things, everything was moved to Stripe a month or so ago. Now, when someone schedules an appointment online, the website prompts the customer for a credit card. It is pre-authorized for the amount and then charged at end of day when the job is done. No receivables.

Source: www.quora.com