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Good Business Ideas for Teens

Business Ideas / March 9, 2021

With the rising cost of living and increasing price of tuition in schools and colleges, it is more important than ever for young people to find new ways to earn a little extra cash. The saturated job market means teenagers and college students can no longer rely on getting part-time employment, and parental support may not cover the cost of living in a city, or even on campus. However, it is still possible for teenagers and college students to generate income. Check out the list of 20 options for people with all sorts of skills and talents.

1. Tutoring


Chances are that you are good in at least one subject. You can consider being a tutor to kids who struggle with your strongest topic. Many parents prefer a younger tutor who brings an alternative approach to older teachers, and who can connect better with their children. Advertise your services in the area, list your qualifications, and charge reasonable rates.

Source: womenosophy.com