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Small Business Ideas / April 23, 2021

small business saturday ideasSmall Business Saturday is a day dedicated to celebrating and supporting small businesses across the nation. Shoppers may be eager to support small business and shop locally, but you won’t see these shoppers by sitting back and watching the show. In order to leverage the excitement of Small Business Saturday to facilitate your business goals, you have to promote your business! Whether you’re only able to make a last minute effort or have the ability to run a detailed campaign, there are opportunities for every business on Small Business Saturday. Here are some Small Business Saturday ideas to help you make the most out of the day.

Small Business Saturday Offers

Small Business Saturday is all about celebrating small business, but in order to stand out above your competitors and grab the attention of overstimulated shoppers, you’ll need an attractive offer. Some basic ideas for offers on Small Business Saturday include:

• Buy one get one free deals for people shopping with friends.
• Discounts for same day appointments.
• Bundle services into packages and offer them at a discounted rate.
• Create holiday gifts out of products or services, and those who purchase the gift get a
discount or free service.
• Free gift with purchase.
• Discount for signing up for blog, newsletter, or providing contact information.
• Purchases come with a coupon for holiday services.

Your Small Business Saturday offer can serve many purposes and support many business goals. It can be:

• Given out on that day to attract customers.
• Revealed beforehand on social media to increase engagement on social media.
• Redeemed later on to encourage return customers.

Small Business Saturday Events

Another idea for promoting your business on Small Business Saturday is to run an event. Even if your focus is around celebrating your small business, you should still include an offer that incentivizes customers to attend.

Source: propelmarketing.com