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Small Garment Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / March 18, 2019

Are you searching for profitable clothing or apparel business ideas? Many having knowledge and experience in garment and clothing industry is looking for trending and profitable apparel business ideas in setting up their own venture. The Global Textile Industry, particularly the Apparel Industry has seen remarkable changes in the past few years. The clothing wholesale supply is increasing worldwide in all the sectors of the industry, whether it be men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids wear or infant wear. Developing countries in Asia continue expanding their Textile Garment Industry due to their very-low-cost production. Apart from China, the true gainers of the post-quota period are India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In conclusion, it can be said that in future, with the increasing demand for performance apparel, the sectors like Industrial Clothing and Sports Wear will experience growth and due to the increased fashion consciousness globally, fashion clothing will also see an upward trend.

Here we put 30 highly profitable, trending apparel business ideas for your ready reference. These business opportunities can be initiated as the small-scale basis and also as part time basis.

List Of 30 Apparel Business Ideas

1. Alteration Service

Alteration service business opportunity demands to have sewing skill and a creative craft mind. With a low startup capital investment any individual can initiate alteration service business exactly from his/her home location. This business can be operated as part-time also. You will be making a handsome money by helping others to get perfect outfits.

2. Belt Buckles Making

Many sports team and professions often create their own personalized belt buckles displaying the company or team name. There is also a demand for leather belt industry. One can initiate belt buckles making business by having some simple machines with moderate capital investment.

3. Boutique Store

The boutique store is one of the most innovative and trending apparel business ideas in to-days world. With a fair amount of idea about the current trend of lifestyle fashions, an individual can initiate this business. You will need to have a strong and reliable supply source for the items.