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Most Lucrative Small Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / December 30, 2021

small business ideas logo bannerThere are many small money making investment and business opportunities that you can start. Today, many salary earners are looking at becoming their own boss by starting a business enterprise. So what are the best small businesses and investment opportunities with low capital start up and high profit in returns?

When it comes to business venturing, the world is full of various fast growing small businesses one can invest on. Look around your vicinity and you will definitely find one or more. The sweetness of these businesses is that they require a little start up capital and easy to manage.

Most countries whose economy is not quite vibrant and or witnessing recession (countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Venezuela etc.) can lean on small businesses and move on towards vibrant economy.

To individuals as well, it is a means of livelihood without depending on government for social welfare or your family members or friends for financial succor.

This article reveals some of vibrant and new profitable small businesses that you can start. It should be noted however, that these businesses attract reasonable profits in terms of gross sales and turnovers.

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities

1. Sports Viewing Center Business : Haven’t you discovered that people love watching sports either as an individual or as a group? Haven’t you seen or heard about sports fans who could forego anything to enjoy their favorite game(s)? Think of football alone, you will discover that fans are in thousands are within your area and ready to pay you for showing them their favorite matches.

In England, Spain, France, Germany, Nigeria, and many countries across all continents are millions of football lovers! Yes, people love football and with that, you can start showing matches such as EPL, Laliga, Bundesliga, car races, boxing matches, etc. at an affordable rate. That is a small but profitable business, so grab it.

This business worths a fortune as phone users around the world are estimated to reach 4.77 billion by 2017 according to www. With that, imagine the number of mobile phones that will require repair daily or weekly.

Therefore, with your little capital, and little skill (as phone components are not complicated), you will accrue high profit margin within a short period of time.

3. Art and Craft Business: Art and craft as an umbrella business opportunity has many sub-businesses which one can start. Among the popular hobbies that make money are carving, drawing and painting, bead making among others.

Take drawing and painting for example. Art business made Michelangelo di Lodovico Simoni, a 15th and 16th century Italian artist rich and famous around the world till date!

Let’s take bead making business again for another instance. It is a business that may not common everywhere but some countries especially in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America that recognise and adore it as a part of their outfits could benefit from this.

Think of brick beads, saw line beads among others, they can offer you cool money. Yes no doubt, and to start, one or two week training will suffice to acquire the skills needed without tears. Though the business looks unattractive but the fact is that the cost of producing a complete bead necklace could be less than a dollar and sold from five dollars upward.

That is a whooping profit right?

4. Photography Business: Photography is another small business one can ventured in. And as the age of analog cameras fades out, digital cameras have made the business so easier and attractive.

With a little start up capital of one hundred dollars you can obtain a functional digital camera that can produce between 15000 and 25000 shots in its life span. Various social events are out there. You can also snap for special purposes like adventure and tourism then sell it to the mass media or museum.

Create sensational pictures by adding editing touches, and after printing in a studio or from a personal printer, one can get 75% profit. Isn’t that cool cash for you? It is and you can launch into that business or create a photography blog to confirm the above facts:

All over the world, fast foods have become part of people’s feedings including the vegetarians. As a result of their busy schedules and or a need to change or balance diet, men and women including the younger ones often turn to snacks, plantain chips, fruit juices, ice cream, yogurts, mince pie, fish roll, egg salad, egg cream among others:

Do you think those fast foods are not in demands? Definitely they are in high demand, and you can make a fortune by producing and selling them. What is important here is to examine the type of fast food that people crave for in a locality you wanted to situate your business:
6. The Farming Business: “Why do you make this among your list of most profitable small agriculture business to start?” some may ask. Relax! Farming has sizes, target, prospect and huge profit. Yes, you can engage in a small scale farming and still earn good money.

So don’t be skeptical or stir up any disgust against this profitable business. Think of poultry, piggery, fruits, vegetables, food crops and cash crops production, fish farming, snail culture, horticulture, rearing of grasscutter and other animals.

You will observe that millions of people apart from those in war-torn areas around the world need more food on daily basis. You will also discover that you have many farming businesses you can practise on a single hectare/ acre of land.

While some farming business can start yielding within a month, some take three to six months. Whatever you opt for, it will physically transformed to a lot of profit you can earn.

With millions of parents or guidance around the world who crave for their children’s academic excellence, tutoring has turned a money spinning business. Look around you, parents and children are there to talk to about this.

This business could be approached by organising a formal tutoring class or by visiting the homes of those that are in need of such services. Just be good in delivery of some key subjects and then fix reasonable charges per week or month. Interestingly, you can be partly doing this business while you run another. Then, think about it and earn huge profit.

How many car owners do you think love or have time to wash their cars as and when due? Only a few do the washing. And with that, car wash business no doubt is profitable and it brings it on daily basis and you too can venture into it.

You can go for a mobile car washing type where you move to respective car parks or houses of car owners with all politeness and marketing strategies and thereby rake in daily money.

Another means to get this business done is by situating this business at strategic locations in towns and cities especially close to main roads. That is very essential for the smooth running and high profit margin purposes.