How Do I Choose the Best Creative Small Business Ideas?

Creative Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas / July 27, 2020

Make a Living Selling Your Creative Talent Make a living using your creativity. Credit: Brand New Images | Getty Images

While the image of the starving artist still exists, being broke isn’t a given for artistic people. It is possible to make a living from creative talents. Success requires the artist to do more than create, which means learning about marketing to sell your products or skills. But even that can be done with a creative slant.

If you’re creative, here are 8 home business ideas you can consider.

Crafts Sell your home made crafts. Credit: Masko | Getty Images

Do you make potholders, decorative art or some other craft item? Why not sell it? There is market for handmade crafts, as the popularity of Etsy has proven. The trick to being successful at selling handmade crafts is in having an affordable source of supplies, the time to make your goods without burning out, and pricing them to sell.

Once you have a supply of craft items, selling them is just a matter of finding where the market for them can found. Do they attend craft fairs? Can you consign them in a local shop? Can you sell them through Etsy or you can create your own online storefront.

Jewelry Create and sell your unique jewelry designs. Credit: HeroImages | Getty Images

Beaded jewelry has become very popular, although it’s not the only type of jewelry you can sell. Many people like to buy handcrafted jewelry because of the uniqueness of the design and having a one-of-a-kind piece. Like all other businesses, finding your market and pricing your jewelry right is crucial. You have many options for finding your market including in-home shows, craft fairs, through retail shops, and online.

Gift Baskets Help people give presents by creating gift baskets. Credit: Timothy Furre | Getty Images

Gift baskets make great presents for just about everyone. They don’t even need to be in baskets. A backpack full of school supplies and edible treats is ideal for a new college student. A diaper bag filled with baby items is a welcome gift to a new parent. The types of gift baskets you make are only limited by your creativity. Most can be sold online, although you may have to check laws about mailing alcohol or food (i.e. a wine and cheese basked). Other options include craft and trade show, consigning at local shops, and through word-of-mouth.

Faux or Mural Painting Liven up home with faux or mural painting. Credit: Ann Cutting | Getty Images

I have an artist friend who used to do a lot of decorative painting and murals in homes, offices and even a school. The challenge of this type of business is getting clients, as you’re limited to how far you can travel. Further, you have to know the laws and rules about painting copyrighted or trademarked material. For example, is it legal to paint the Yellow Brick Road and Dorothy on a wall in home or doctor’s office.

Home Decorating/Interior Design A home staging and decor business allows you make money sharing your love of home decor. Lee Edwards | Getty Images

Especially with the popularity of HGTV and other home-related shows, people are wanting to fix up their homes. The problem is, many don’t have the understanding of color and texture, or the eye to decorate their home. Like decorative painting, you’re limited to how far you can travel in providing home decorating or interior design.

Photography Make a living taking photos. Tanya Constantine | Getty Images

If you have an eye for taking a great picture, a photography business could be your ideal home business option. There are several ways to make money from photography. One is to offer portrait services to people or pets. Another option is to take pictures at events, such as weddings. Finally, if you like to photograph a variety of things, you can sell your pictures online.

Web and Graphic Design Use you're creativity online to design websites and graphics. Credit: Cultura RM/Robin James | Getty Images

Although a technical field, creating websites and graphics requires a knowledge of artistic elements such as color, texture and fonts. More and more people and businesses are going online to promote themselves. Many don’t have the time or knowledge to build a website or create needed logos and graphics, and therefore hire a designer. Because this type of art is Internet-based, you can find clients all over the world. Many companies and freelance sites have jobs and projects available for you to apply to right now, making web and graphic design one of the best artistic careers to seek.