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List of Small Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / August 16, 2021

Bring your small business idea to life.Bring your small business idea to life.

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Sometimes the urge to start your own business does not come along with a good small business idea. Creating a list of small business ideas is the way to get your business imagination flowing. You can narrow down a broad list to five or 10 top ideas, and then narrow it down based on the business that you feel most driven and qualified to start.

Delivery Service

You will need reliable transportation to start a delivery service. Discuss whether your auto insurance will cover your vehicle as part of a small business with your insurance agent. You should get liability insurance in case you damage a customer's property. You can offer your services to local supermarkets that may want to offer a home delivery service, to local flower shops that could use extra delivery help or to local restaurants that do not have local delivery service and would like to start one on a small scale.

Computer Hookup And Cleaning

Starting a computer repair and service business can be expensive and there is a lot of competition between the Internet and national chain stores. Many people that purchase computers do not have a complete understanding on how to set them up or clean them properly. If you feel confident that you can perform these tasks, then you can start a small computer hookup and cleaning business. You can sell computer cleaning service contracts to customers that guarantee you will clean their computers twice a year. You can contact local small computer stores and offer your on-site installation and cleaning services as well. The small stores could include your setup service as part of their computer system sales.

Day Care

Many households have both parents working and that creates a need for more daycare centers. You can start this small business at home or you can lease a facility. State laws dictate what size your facility must be, how many certified adult employees you must have based on the number of children you take in and what kinds of certifications are required (See Resources).

Scrap Metal Recycling

When people get a new water heater, refrigerator, stove or any other large home appliance they need to find a way to get rid of the old items. Any household items made of metal can be sold to a local scrap metal recycling business for cash. Place a classified ad in your local newspaper announcing that you will pick up these items for free. You will need a pickup truck or larger, and you will need to be able to lift heavy items.

Christmas Decorating

Many people love to decorate for Christmas, but they do not have the time or resources to decorate the way they would like to. There are two ways you can offer Christmas decorating services to clients. You can design a decorating scheme for clients using their decorations and charge for the setup of the decorations before the holidays and breaking them down when the holidays are over. You could also discuss what the customer wants to see for decorations in their yards, buy the decorations, lease them or sell them to the client and also charge for the setup and breakdown labor. You can re-use decorations that you lease out from year to year.