50 Business Ideas for Moms

Small Home Based Business IDEAS for moms

Home Business / August 29, 2017

If your kids are old enough, allow them to assist you with small tasks to get them involved.If your kids are old enough, allow them to assist you with small tasks to get them involved.

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Motherhood and entrepreneurship complement each other in many ways. If you are thinking about starting up your own home based business for moms, you have to first research what it is that moms are looking for in a career. Find a business that is right for you and that will work well within your family dynamic. Starting a business out of your home might seem overwhelming at first. Look for support from other moms who have done the same thing and make them your mentor for success.

1. Write out a list of home-based business ideas for mothers. Entrepreneur, an online business resource, has a "Mompreneur Center" section containing research and ideas centered around work at home moms. Some business ideas for moms include graphic design, wedding planning and craft businesses. If you enjoy watching children, a day care center could be an appropriate business to start. You could employ other mothers and encourage them to bring their children.

2. Develop a business plan for your new home-based business. If you need outside capital to begin your new business, a descriptive business plan can help you present your business to investors. Preparing a plan will also give you an idea of how much money your business will have to make before you start making a return on your investment. It will also show you how to position yourself within the market to be competitive with other local businesses.

3. Pick a business name, if you choose to use a name other than your own, and register it with your secretary of state. The fees for filing for a "Doing Business As" or "Trade Name" differ by state.

4. Complete paperwork for any licenses and permits you need to obtain to run your business. Start by visiting your state's department of revenue website if you need to obtain a sales tax identification number for selling a product. Go to the Internal Revenue Service website and register for an Employer Identification Number to be used when filing your business taxes. Visit your city government offices to complete paperwork for obtaining a general business license to operate your business in your city. Certain businesses, such as day care or baking in your home, will require a home inspection to ensure that you are operating your business in a clean, approved area.

5. Find customers for your business. Use the marketing portion of your business plan to develop a campaign to get people to spend their money with you. Run ads with local media outlets to get your name announced in the area. Advertise online and through social media sources to bring in business and interact with your customers. Give discounts to customers that refer your business to others. Attracting and maintaining customers is crucial to keeping your business operating smoothly. Offer great customer support and your customers will often be your greatest source of advertisement.

Source: smallbusiness.chron.com