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Home Based Business IDEAS for Ladies

Home Business / August 29, 2016

So, you’ve decided that you want to start a business from home. The problem is, you’ve got no idea what to do! While you have years of valuable work experience, you’re not quite sure how to translate your skills into a profitable and enjoyable home enterprise.

To help turn your frustration into inspiration, we’ve put together five suggestions for potential home businesses for ambitious mums.

1) Become a freelancer

The first – and often easiest – option is to use your existing skills and set yourself up as a freelancer. While freelancing has its pros and cons, it offers much more flexibility than a full or part time job (which is a real plus when you have babies or children to fit your career around), and can be started with little or no budget.

Many freelancers get their first break by approaching companies they used to work for to see if they could benefit from their services on a freelance basis. Then, once they’ve built up their confidence and reputation, they extend beyond people they know. There are plenty of ways to find freelance work, including freelance job sites, face-to-face networking and through social media.

If you’re not confident your current abilities are enough to establish yourself as a freelancer, or are suffering a confidence crisis, you can always consider training to give you more marketable skills. Adding a copywriting or social media qualification to your existing work experience can help you build a really rewarding (and well paid) home freelance business.

If you do decide to become a freelancer, it’s important to set your business up properly and think about what kind of accountancy system you need. Other considerations you’ll need to take into account as a freelancer include:

2) Become a virtual assistant

Starting a virtual assistant (VA) business is a growing career choice for many career mums who want to balance their need for work and stimulation, with the restrictions of needing to be in or close to their home for their children.

And as technology continually improves, and businesses look for ways to outsource more and more functions, it’s an increasingly easy role to move into. But just like many careers, there’s much more to being a virtual assistant than simply answering the telephone. If you have social media, marketing or copywriting experience you can offer those skills as part of your package for a higher rate.

In fact, today’s VAs take on a wide range of interesting and vital roles for businesses – and the best VAs are well-trained and often highly skilled (earning from £25/hour).

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of starting a virtual assistant business, it’s worth looking into quality training. There are a number of virtual assistant training programmes available that offer a broad range of skills, including establishing a successful business, and finding and retaining high value clients.