Home Based Small Business Ideas for Women in Pakistan

Small Business IDEAS for Women at Home

Home Business / November 16, 2017

small business ideas for women Are you someone who yearns to leave the rigor of the corporate world? Increasingly, women are realizing that they can have a successful and fulfilling career that allows them to work for themselves. I frequently consult with women who are enjoying being their own boss and the accompanying perks, which include a flexible schedule, autonomy, authority, self-satisfaction and confidence, not to mention, often great financial success. The key is being able to do something that you truly love, on the schedule that works for you.

Not sure where to start? Here are five of my favorite small business ideas for women. I hope you’ll notice that I listed all of these in terms of “verbs” – i.e. coaching, rather than “nouns, ” as in coach. I like to think of these careers as “verbs” because they are truly “action words.” Which of these active, dynamic careers would work for you?

Coaching and Consulting

One of the best avenues for a business is to teach what you know. Are your friends always turning to you for advice on home, life and work matters, big and small? Being a life coach allows you to channel all that know-how into a fulfilling, paying career. Life coaching is a fast- growing industry because so many people realize they need the sound advice of an outside third party to allow them to balance all they have going on. Even if you are more focused on one particular skill — whether it’s organizing houses, or giving fitness, nutrition or career advice — consulting and coaching opportunities are nearly limitless. Whether online or offline, this is a great career that will really allow you to make a difference in the lives of others. Take a look at your education, career and life capital and figure out what you know that others don’t – but want to. And will pay you for!

This is another area where many women are finding they can have a rewarding career. Similar to the coaching and consulting advice, figure out what you know – and who you know – and who might need you to help tell their story. People automatically assume that a writing career means for publications, either online or offline. Sure, those are great avenues, but so many additional areas need someone who has a way with words. Every single business needs a website – and someone to write it. The most successful small business sites know that having a rich content marketing program will keep their customers coming back. They know that marketing materials are key to their success, and they are willing to pay someone to write those compelling marketing emails, blog posts and more. Check out local companies who might have a need for your services and see how you can help build their business while you build yours!


Talk about a career with a lot of potential. If you’re one of those women who has the gift for selling, the sky is the limit for earnings. And what is great about a career in selling is the limitless options! You can sell virtually anything that you have a passion for. Whether it’s jewelry through home parties, real estate in your neighborhood or a product or a service that solves a challenge that women like you have, there is something to sell that will match your interests. Selling is such a great career, not only for the variety and the income potential but for the opportunity to get out and talk to a wide variety of people. And it doesn’t have to be the old school, icky kind of selling that might come to mind. If you are offering a solution to a problem, then it would be doing them a disservice not to let them know about it, right? Being authentic and honest and trustworthy are the best sales skills in today’s market. That doesn’t sound too hard sell or pushy, does it? Well, guess what? Those are the traits that work, thankfully, in today’s world. And sometimes working alone can be isolating so a career in selling is one way to make sure you get the interaction you need.


The opportunity to sell on the internet has opened up a literal worldwide marketplace. From sites like Etsy to having your own online store front, the ability to reach potential customers all over the world makes a creating career one that is not only fulfilling, but lucrative. Whether you love to make jewelry or design high end note cards, spending your time creating and then selling your wares can be the perfect combination of your skills and interests – and desire to succeed in business.


Do you have an eye for beauty? Do other women stop you to comment on your great boots, or admire your furniture layout? Helping style people or spaces is such an incredible way to share your flair for design. Whether you are helping women look their best from hair to makeup to wardrobe after a life change; or helping a real estate agent stage a house so it looks its best, or creating captivating windows at a local boutique, styling is a wonderful career that allows you to express yourself – and get paid to do it!

Starting your own small business is one of the most amazing, fulfilling, exciting and scary roads you’ll ever take. I always warn people that it will be a lot more work than they think it will be, especially as you are getting started. The “flexible schedule” that most women are searching for is there; but it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be working less… instead it means that you will have more control over when and how you work, and you will be the one benefiting from your success.

The first step is to assess your skills, interest and experience and then weigh them against the potential start-up costs and education or training needs of the career that interests you. If you keep looking there is sure to be a match, and I hope these small business ideas for women have gotten you thinking about the many potential options.

I’d love to talk with you more about it! My passion is for helping smart business people succeed by helping them identifying their ideal clients and the best ways to market to them – on and offline.

I also am a huge believer in seeking outside help from someone who’s been there/done that. And the soonest way to really explore what might work best for you is to take action and step into motion so today for a 15 minute complimentary “Business Discovery” session. Looking forward to connecting soon!

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