50 Small Business Ideas for People Who GET Social Media

Social Media IDEAS for Business

Business Ideas / November 1, 2018

Sunday: Sunday Funday, Sunday Selfie

These themes are all popular hashtags, so make sure you include the hashtag when you post on Twitter and Instagram.

At the end of each week, plan out your themes for the coming week on your calendar. Spend a few months posting different themes and see what your audience responds best to.

By creating a consistent theme for different days of the week, you’ll always know what you’ll be posting.

#2: Celebrate a Funny or Unusual Holiday

Did you know that April 9th is “Name Yourself Day” or that October 8th is “Octopus Day”? Every day of the year boasts at least one unusual holiday that your audience has never heard of. Have fun posting about these holidays on your social media profiles and be sure to include the hashtags for each holiday.

The Virginia Stage Company posted about #PlayInTheSandDay to promote an upcoming show, helping them reach a wider audience.

selfie saturday social post exampleSweet Lydia’s Handcrafted Confections marked the calendar for “National S’mores Day” and ran a promotion offering a discount that day on s’mores, a signature item.

The easy-to-navigate site Days of the Year lists all of the holidays you’ve likely never heard of. Select which holidays you want to incorporate in your posts and use a tool like Pablo to create a graphic with a relevant photo.

Use a clear call to action to encourage your audience to engage. The call to action could be as simple as asking people to answer a question or make a purchase to receive a limited-time offer.

People love hearing fun facts and trivia. Never-before-heard-of holidays fall in this category. Get creative and have fun, and your audience is sure to respond by commenting, liking, and sharing your posts.

#3: Pose an Engaging Question

For example, if you’re a travel agency, ask a simple question like “What’s your favorite vacation spot during the summer?” or “Where do you want to go for your next family vacation?” Include a graphic or photo to boost visibility. More people will notice a post with an image than an all-text post.

What do you think? What tips can you share for filling up your social media content calendar? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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