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Logo Design Ideas for Business

Business Ideas / January 14, 2017

It is important to make sure your company has great branding. Without a good logo, combination of colors, and overall branding, your company is going to have a hard time making a name for itself. However, with a great logo, your brand becomes easily recognized and understood. Your customers will know a lot about your company in a single glance.

Color in Design

One of the first questions asked when you have a logo designed for you is what colors you want. This is because coloring is extremely important in logo design. The shades and hues you choose will make an impact on the visual feel your company gives. Colors have different feelings and emotions attached to them, so choosing the right colors is a crucial step in creating your logo.

The colors you would use for a store selling baby items, for instance, are different from the colors you would use if you were promoting a sports shop. This is because these two businesses have very different goals and in general have different customer bases. The needs of these customers differ significantly, and the coloring you use should reflect that. The best color options for a store selling baby supplies would most likely aim to use lighter, softer colors whereas a sports shop would aim for bolder colors.

Typeface in Branding

Another aspect important to branding is the typeface and the overall typography on your design. There are a number of options you should consider. Are you going to use your company’s entire name in the logo, or just a few letters that represent the company? In addition to this, deciding on a typeface is nearly as important as choosing your color scheme.

Different font families and styles say different things about your business. Serif fonts are usually seen as more respectable and traditional. On the other hand, if you’re trying to look more modern, consider a sans-serif option. Of course there are many other options to choose from depending your goals for your business. When you look at fonts and different typography styles, make sure that you decide on one that conveys the message of your company. For example, Comic Sans is not a beneficial choice for a tax preparing company.

Sending a Message

Your logo should also help you send a message to your customers. Consider the Amazon logo. Not only is this a very simple design, it offers a message. The arrow goes from A to Z. Originally the company sold only books. However, the logo has been able to move with the company, because now you can find anything from A to Z on the website. In addition, the arrow gives a smiley face effect, making the company seem happy and easy to work with. While this is a very simple design, it sends a strong message of happiness and getting what you need.

As you start to think about the design you want for your company, and how you plan to brand the business, make sure you think about the message you are sending with your logo. Even if it is extremely subtle, it is important to send a positive message. One of the worst things you can do with your design is to accidentally send a negative message.

White Space in Design

Too many people decide that they want to fill all the space they have with wording, images, and anything else they are considering adding. This is not the best option for any design. The white space around the logo, and that within the logo itself, is crucial to ensuring the best design possible. White space helps direct the eye where you want it to focus, which is part of the design that people cannot ignore. Make sure that there is some space around the main section of your logo design.

Memorable is a Must

The entire point of branding and creating a logo for your company is that it is something that customers can remember you by. When your customers see your logo, they will be able to say that it is your company and not flounder trying to remember where they saw it before. Ensuring that your design is memorable keeps your company going, because people will come to you more readily for repeat business.

Keep in mind that it is possible to have a badly designed logo or branding effort that is memorable. However, this is usually the case when the design is so bad that the customers find it laughable. This is not the type of memorability you want for your business.