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IDEAS for Event Planning Business Names

Business Ideas / May 19, 2022

Step Four: Is the name easy to pronounce and spell? Ciao wasn’t an easy word for many people to say, but it was memorable and it meant something to me.

Step Five: Is it descriptive? C!AO had personal meaning for me because Italy is one of my favourite countries, and it also stood for Contemporary, Innovative and Original. If your business name isn’t descriptive, consider adding a tagline to describe your services.

Step Six: Is the URL available? Use sites like Hostgator to secure your domain availability.

Step Seven: Test your business name. Ask at least 25 people from your target audience for feedback.

Step Eight: Is the name legally available? Use your State/Government website to check availability and register your business name. Most Government sites allow you to do this online.

Deciding how to choose a name for your event planning business isn’t always easy, which is why I created Kickstart Your Event Business for you. This (DIY) digital, step-by-step business training program teaches you key strategies to start your event planning business so you can turn your passion into profit.

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