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IDEAS for Massage Business Names

Business Ideas / January 29, 2022

massage business name - sage massageWhat’s in a name? Lots, actually. When it comes to business names, choosing the right name is essential. A good business name sends out positive messages to the public, summarises the key benefits of what you provide and sets you streets ahead of your competitors.

The wrong choice of business name can sink you in a nanosecond.

It’s important to put aside some thinking time to make the right choices with your business name. Arguably, one of the perils of small business ownership is the fact that there are so many choices. It’s your business, so you can do whatever you like. Including making the wrong decisions. Here are some major catastrophes-waiting-to-happen that are best avoided.

‘Original’ Spelling
No one wants their business to look like a cheap personalised number plate. Avoid your individual take on spelling, unless it is very subtle or is deliberately chosen for legal reasons. Best to avoid using numbers for letters and symbols as well. Here are a few stinkers to illustrate the point:

  • Massage 4 U
  • RU Stressed Massage
  • Mas Sirs!
  • Mel’s Mas-aaahh-j

Geo-Targeted Names
Sometimes geo-targeted names (names with geographical locations in them) can be a winner – especially for appearing on Google in the maps section. They can make it seem like you ARE the business of choice for your area e.g. St Kilda Physiotherapy Centre, South Yarra Counselling Services. But do take care – if you choose your business name to include the suburb you live in just because you are renting a room there with your brother, it could spell disaster when you move.

massage business name - Sage Institute of MassageFancy, clever names
No one loves it when you try to be ‘clever’. Not only is it self-indulgent, but it’s downright annoying. Calling your massage business “Chandrakala Eshana” because it sounds exotic, and it’s Sanskrit (and you’re deep and spiritual ‘n all) is not going to do you any favours. Imagine your poor, tired potential client, sitting in traffic, desperately trying to plug your name into Google on her mobile phone. How hard you want to make it?

Imagine also how your clients that did find you, go about spreading your name around town…“No, really, call them. They’re called Chan – Kar Darkala. No, Chan, Dracula, Um, No. Ishala Darklana…”


Cute names
Business doesn’t do ‘cute’. It is really not the place. Avoid cute names or references to some private joke that only you and your boyfriend understand. Now is not the time for any of the following:

  • My Very Own Massage Clinic
  • Becka’s Baby
  • Sarah’s Soft Touch
  • Showtime!

Contriving names for first place in directories
Yes, we’ve all seen Aardvark Plumbers advertising in the local papers. It’s been done. You can do better than that. Admittedly, having a name that starts at the beginning of the alphabet can have strong benefits when listed in directories. But don’t be silly. Abacus Massage is not a good business name. It’s a foolish mistake. Oh yes, and unlike the old printed Yellow Pages, Google doesn’t rank your website in alphabetical order.