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Business Ideas / October 16, 2021

Globalisation and Strategy Business Dissertation Topics

Globalisation presents mixed benefits for different groups and different specific activities. Globalisation is a complex trend, encompassing many forces and many effects. It would be surprising if all of them were always unfavourable to the environment, or all of them favourable. The highest priority should be to determine ways in which globalisation can be successfully harnessed to promote protection of the environment, along with other shared objectives, as opposed to degradation of the environment.

  • The analysis of usability and applicability of Porter’s Generic Strategies in the light of current turbulent and unpredictable operating environment.
  • What is the significance of technology to business strategy?
  • A study of the Human Resource strategies to implement in order to excel and profit in today’s fast-paced marketplace, and the methods that support these strategies.
  • What current strategies are in place for businesses to combat consumers neglecting their products?
  • A review of the impact that globalisation is having on UK businesses operating on both global and local levels.
  • An examination of the empowerment, conflicts and corporate vision as factors in developing global business strategy for multinational firms.
  • What are the changes that need to be made in business management strategies in the globalisation era?

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