Van Decals and Graphics: Ideas for Branding Your Business

IDEAS for Branding your Business

Business Ideas / November 25, 2019

As every successful entrepreneur knows, creating a thriving business takes a hefty measure of down-to-earth planning and a heaping dose of real-world savvy. But creativity is the secret ingredient that will set you apart. Below are 10 ways to invent your brand and make it your own.

1. Make Your Name Memorable

A business card is a pint-sized preview of your work. Is your company innovative and artistic?

2. Offer Coupons

According to an article on Internet Retailer, a February 2011 survey by Morpace revealed that two-thirds of shoppers redeem online coupons.

And web publication DigitalAge is keeping an eye on the mobile coupon market. In 2010, the magazine reported on the burgeoning popularity of coupons you can access from your phone, particularly among people under 40 and parents with young children.

Designing eye-catching coupons - paper or virtual - can help you create customers, and, with a little luck, grow your own loyal following.

Before you begin selecting fonts and photos, however, remember to read up on the right way to begin.

3. Keep Your Business Fresh

In the midst of helming your business day to day, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of heading in new directions. Keeping a list of possibilities on hand can help narrow your focus and ward off stagnation.

4. Produce a Marketing Video

We may not be able to predict which videos among the millions online will rocket to world renown, but looking a little closer at those that go viral can help us spot some of the magic (or mayhem). For pointers on producing your own production, developing SEO content for videos, and a fascinating tour of marketing trends and tactics through the years, head over to Tips For Creating Viral Marketing Videos.

5. Set the Style

If a business card is a glimpse into a company, a website is a virtual doorway.

6. Connect Co-Workers

Forming a diverse workplace where men and women represent a spectrum of ages, backgrounds, and personalities is the ultimate goal of forward-thinking companies. Whether your teammates are meeting new members or you're heading a training session, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere is the first order of business. You can begin by selecting from an array of Icebreakers, Energizers, and Activities that can help make your employees feel more at home.

7. Keep Inspiration in Sight

They may be trendy now, but inspiration boards (also called mood boards or motivation boards) have long stood the test of time on the walls of garrets and studios, where artists pin up collages of images that strike a chord with their creativity. Try hanging a composition of meaningful artwork, quotes, photos, lists and more in your home or office to keep what kindles new ideas in view.

8. Create the Right Atmosphere

A mirror in just the right place, sweet-smelling herbs, and a room with a view: When it comes to energy, feng shui experts say it is wise to invite good "Sheng Chi" in and bar toxic "Sha Chi" or "Si Chi" from your door. Renewing your environment to create calm and comfort is a worthwhile investment of time in your home and health. Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui Guide, illustrates how to Feng Shui Your Home Office for a smoother workday.

9. Be Inventive

Looking to fire up your neurons and start new ideas cooking? Try thinking backwards. Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci Howard Bear shows us how to start dreaming with her twist on Creative Thinking.

10. Take a Breather

A healthy home life and the workplace is essential to us all. While we can't avoid every last-minute meeting or schedule conflict that comes along, we can help put our priorities in perspective, safeguard our health and fortify ourselves by enjoying our favorite tension-tamers each day. Elizabeth Scott, Stress Management Guide, counts down what she recommends as the Top 10 Stress Relievers: The Best Ways to Feel Better.