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Good Business IDEAS for 14 Year Olds

Business Ideas / January 4, 2022

Gene HammettHe's 14 and speaking across the country with big names like Gary Vaynerchuk and Darren Hardy. Upon some research, I realized Caleb’s dad is a speaker too. Even knowing all of this, I was still hesitant about his ability to add value to the conversation of entrepreneurship.

I was wondering what kind of real value this kid could share with me and my podcast, Leaders in the Trenches, whose audience is experienced business owners and leaders who demand insights - not rehashed information. What did this kid know about business and leadership?

I watched his videos to see why so many people were sharing them. Caleb is getting millions of views on his videos about business. I was looking for the magic. He had some interesting views on business, so I kept digging.

I’ll admit it. I was skeptical. I wondered if this was just a smoke and mirrors thing. I was curious if he was just repeating what he has heard before from his dad or some other video from an influencer. You can tell when someone is trying to intimidate someone else. You can hear it in their word choice and in the tone in which they talk.

I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

Caleb blew me away in our chat about his view of life and business. His view of the world was drastically different than what I expected. He is not just a motivational speaker. Caleb knows business.

Let me be clear about this - Caleb is motivational and inspiring, but there is more depth than just speaking to the way he thinks.

Caleb is not about the newest fad or buzz word in business. From my perspective, Caleb was focused on the fundamentals. What I mean by fundamentals is that he knows the basics of hard work and the value of results. The fundamentals are the things that you hear from time to time, but rarely do we see them in action. In fact, most business owners take the fundamentals for granted and just assume they have them covered.

Here are two specific areas that I noticed in my interview with Caleb.

1. Confidence

Caleb has a level of confidence about himself that most people lack. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people are confident to a point. But Caleb exudes confidence in the way he talks and the way he operates day in and day out.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com