Clothing Brand Name Ideas: The Infographic

Business Name IDEAS for Clothing

Business Ideas / February 21, 2019

Naming is crucial in one’s business. I can see that you already have ideas for your fashion brand. You already have a specific target, even. However, you just have a hard time finalizing and choosing one. So let me suggest on some series of activities.

1) Are you a designer yourself? Or do you collect apparels personally then sell it?

If you are designer and is known for it, then you can use your personal name as your brand. If you aren’t, then it is safe to use other names. But that does not hinder you from using your name if you really want it. You just have to work on your products and make sure to deliver good quality services to your customers in order to strengthen your brand.

If you collect apparels personally, then you can choose a brand name which will communicate to your customers how you choose your products. E.g. Handpicked, Personal Choice, Personal Collection, I Collect, I Choose, I Fashion

2) Do you want your brand to exist by itself? Or do you want it to be associated with you?

If you want the brand to stand on its own, without the need to associate with you or anything, then you have to choose a name which perfectly describes your products or your main product.

3) What character do you want to put into your brand?

Scribble some words which you would want to describe your fashion business. E.g. Blooms, Plain, Unique, Subtle, Sharp, Edgy, Fleek

4) Do you want to sell just locally? Or are you planning to sell globally online?

If you are thinking about just selling locally, then you can choose a brand which is related to your place of business or a brand which can be linked to your culture.

5) Do you have plans on expansion?

If you have plans on expansion, then avoid using the name of your locality or place as a brand name. This will limit your target market.

If you are tired of thinking and considering all these things, then you can easily hire a branding expert. It could cost you much, but think of it as an investment. If you want to save on the costs and get the same results — a brand name — then you can make use of crowdsourcing websites such as . It allows you to connect with various creatives who can help you in branding your business. The platform allows you to host a naming or branding contest and you will only pay for the winning name which you will choose. And the price is affordable. But if you are more comfortable dealing with professionals personally (face-to-face), then connect with one in your locality. It’s really more about personal choice.

Anyway, you can choose any name you want for your brand. You can even play with words. The important thing is you will choose something simple, unique and memorable. Also, in setting up a brand, always have the end in mind. Make sure you choose a name which you wouldn’t have to change when worse comes to worse and selling your company becomes an option. I am not being pessimistic here, but just thinking ahead. It is always good and more inspiring to take more risks, if you know you have a plan B to falter to.