4 Business Ideas for Women to Earn with Little Investment

Business IDEAS for Working Women

Business Ideas / November 10, 2021

Your business can be a resource to the power tool owner for safety tips and related accessories.Your business can be a resource to the power tool owner for safety tips and related accessories.

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Internet businesses afford women the opportunity to make money while working from virtually anywhere: home, local coffee shops, libraries and local business centers, among other locations. Starting an Internet business requires taking inventory of your skill set and interests to identify an opportunity that will not only pay the bills but also be personally satisfying. There are a variety of Internet businesses from which women can choose: helping keep busy professionals organized, selling homemade crafts and blogging about being a mom, just to name a few. The possibilities are limitless.

Virtual Assistant

Business owners can’t always afford to hire full-time employees to assist with the various aspects of their businesses. From marketing and accounting, to filing documents and following up with customer inquiries, entrepreneurs have hectic schedules and limited resources. Women can start virtual assistant Internet businesses that allow them to work remotely to complete tasks for busy professionals. Tasks might include transcribing, setting up social networks, blogging and identifying online marketing opportunities. Startup costs for a virtual assistant business are relatively low; you need a home office, a computer and access to common office equipment, such as a phone, fax machine, copy machine and printer.

Online Boutique Owner

Women business owners can skip the costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar boutique by operating an online one. Find a niche that piques your interests and research suppliers and vendors who sell products you can purchase for resale. From baby clothing and accessories to beauty products, such as makeup and perfume, there’s a wide variety of items you can sell at your online boutique. This Internet business is also suitable if you make your own merchandise, such as gift baskets, hair bows, makeup, clothing, accessories or jewelry. WomenEntrepreneur.com notes that startup costs for online boutiques are low and the hours are flexible but competition is strong. To be successful, it's important to keep organized. Set a budget that includes the cost for a web and graphic designer, a domain name, monthly web hosting and inventory costs.


While many people blog as a hobby, there are a wide range of professional bloggers who have made a career out of connecting with audiences online. The web is saturated with content on topics ranging from running a household to running a business. But with branding, engaging content and support from advertisers and sponsors, you can make your blog stand out and attract a loyal readership. Take inventory of your interests to come up with ideas for your blog business. Determine your target market and identify the types of advertisers who may be interested in purchasing advertising space on your blog. You might consider a blog about parenting, quick meals for families with kids, how to run a woman-owned business, baby products or beauty products.

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