Warehouse business plan

Business IDEAS for Warehouse Space

Business Ideas / July 3, 2016

Do you have a large warehouse? Have you been wondering what to do with it? I know you must have asked for ideas and suggestions with everybody saying “rent it out”. Well, you could rent it out but I want to tell you about twenty things you could do with your large warehouse that would fetch you extra income.

1. Break it up into smaller storage spaces-: A lot of people have more stuffs and equipment in their home than they can cope with. Such people always need extra space to keep those items safe. Hire a builder to help you partition the warehouse and install some extra security features in it that would make it secure. When you have done this, you should call upon real estate agents and inform them that you have small storage spaces for rent, you will see that it would be filled up within a short time.

2. Rent it out to commercial outlets/companies-: A lot of companies require extra storage spaces for their goods and equipment. Renting out your warehouse to companies to be used as storage space would fetch you more money because you would most likely be working on a contract and you could be certain that you will get paychecks regularly.

3. Club-: Clubs are a good place for people to relax and unwind. Starting a club requires using a very large space which your warehouse already provides.

4. Create individual offices-: Another idea is to section your large warehouse off and break it into smaller office spaces which you could rent out to other people.

5. Co-working space-: Co-working was named as one of the top businesses of 2014. A business born out of the need to defeat economic recession, co-working involves coming together of people who offer different services in the same industry. These people come together to share an office space while working individually.

For instance, a finance industry co-working business could have a stock-broker, a tax consultant, a book-keeper, a debt management professional and a mortgage broker all sharing the same office but working separately. A large warehouse makes a good co-working space.

6. Shared market place-: Your large warehouse could also be converted into a shared market place with people selling similar items coming together to use that space and pay rents. For instance, farmers or vegetable sellers could come together and make that place a one-stop center for buying vegetables.

7. Rent it out to film houses-: People who shoot movies usually need to use a lot of different locations to shoot their movies. Sometimes, they will need to create some special physical effects. You could make money from renting your warehouse to movie producers.

8. Meat curing center-: Another idea is to start a meat packaging business. Your large warehouse already provides the space that you will need for curing the meat.

9. Server Farm-: You could also use your large warehouse as a server farm or start an information technology related business like a cyber-café or a telecommuting center. You could even use it as a training center for IT professionals.

10. Flea market-: Your large warehouse could also be converted to a flea market where people can sell their used clothing, fresh produce and several other low-priced items.

11. Parking lot-: If your large warehouse is in a public place where lots of people visit, then you should think about converting it into a parking lot and have people pay you for parking their vehicles there.

12. Rentals-: One of the major things needed to start a rentals business is a large space for storing your equipment. Since you already have the space, why not go a step further by purchasing some items that you could rent out. These could be building equipment, catering equipment, party supplies and so many other items.

13. Mechanic workshop-: Another smart thing to do with your large warehouse is to convert it into a motor vehicle repair garage. If you do not have the skills, you could employ people who do to manage the business for you.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com