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Business IDEAS for Fresh Graduate

Business Ideas / June 14, 2018

8 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurial College GradsCredit: Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

It's a tough job market out there for everyone, but especially recent college graduates. With little firsthand experience, it can be difficult to land that first job, which is of course necessary to gain experience in the first place. Finding a job in your field is certainly desirable, but for some the calling of launching their own business offers more promise than interview after fruitless interview. Instead of waiting around for their dream jobs to open up, many recent grads are choosing to start careers as entrepreneurs. Here are eight low-cost businesses you can start as a new college graduate.

Clothing company

Did you dream of working in the fashion world, but couldn't find more than a few low-level opportunities in the field? If you have a great eye for design, you can strike out on your own and start an independent clothing company. Knowing how to sew or silk screen will help you get off the ground, but you'll eventually need to find a good manufacturer to reach the next stage of growth. As with any business, high-quality products combined with great marketing skills are the keys to success.

Content creation

Thanks to social media and the 24-hour news cycle, creative individuals like writers and graphic designers can use their talents to produce high-quality, shareable content for businesses and media outlets. A growing part-time economy of freelance and contract workers makes it easier than ever to market yourself as a professional freelance content creator. This can also be a great way to build up your skills should you choose to seek a full-time job later on.

Electronic repair

In today's tech-obsessed world, most people have smartphones, tablets and laptops that they use daily. With constant usage, there's a good chance that at least one of those devices is going to crash or otherwise break at some point. If you're a techie who can fix these issues with relative ease, you can offer to repair people's electronics for cheaper than what the big retailers charge. Get started by marketing your services to students at your alma mater who don't want to wait for the campus IT department to fix their hard drives.

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