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What are Good Small Business IDEAS?

Small Business Ideas / April 10, 2018

Telecom, Payments, Tours & Travels business are growing by leaps and bounds. I believe online retail service industry which supports this business have good scope of growth. And to start a service based business will be more beneficial rather a product based of manufacturing business. In product or manufacturing business one needs big capital to invest to establish and to run the business. On the other hand in service type you can start at any level, with minimum investment and then to the highest level step by step.

Domestic Money Transfer ( NEFT/IMPS) is the most profitable service in today’s era. And it is time and money saving for the migrants from small cities those come to metros for their earning, like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore etc, those are education, industrial, institutional, and business hubs of India . Obviously a daily wager can’t afford to spare his productive hours for queues in bank to transfer money to his family. So he goes to a nearby money transfer agent who transfers cash with a minute to bank account of his family member, on a reasonable fee.

has developed a unique platform to meet the remittance need of migrants, unbanked and underbanked population in India. This product design brings technology to the end user through the and simultaneously ensures a technology oblivious experience for the end user. You can join us as Money Transfer Agent, Distributor, Franchisee or White Label partner.

A will be your own website with your own brand name under you can make number of Money transfer agents, Distributors, Franchisee and will be able to give all online retail services to them like:

  1. Domestic Money Transfer
  2. Mobile recharge
  3. DTH recharge
  4. Data Card Recharge
  5. Utility bill payment ( Gas, electricity, insurance)
  6. New DTH connection
  7. Air ticket booking
  8. Bus ticket booking

We also provide International Top Up/ Talk time and recharge coupans API. Through a recharge coupon API, one can create numbers of Recharge Coupons and can use for promotion of their products, mobile apps or just as a gift or reward to their clients/users.

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