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Top 10 Small Business IDEAS in India

Small Business Ideas / February 23, 2022

So friends here is a list of 5 ideas doable with a job and in a way I am giving you ideas to make million dollars in this 5 min read. I don’t know how many of you would like it, how many believe it, how many swear by it and how many will actually live it but at the end of this article you will at least get a hint of five startup ideas that can be done with a job. After that, it’s all about your innovation, which can differentiate your offerings and take them to the next level. By the end of the article you will also conclude with me that Ideas are dime a dozen but, Execution is everything.

As discussed in my previous article- ‘Launching a Startup with Job’ one has to keep the following things in mind:

1. Your startup cannot be an operation heavy one

2. It is not just good to have a co-founder, I would rather say don’t start until you have a partner in crime who shares the vision and has complimentary skills

3. Your job is a boon, not a bane. Since you are having a regular source of income, a share of it can be spent on your startup as an investment and rest you can save for your living.

4. Your job should leave you with some time, flesh and blood at the end of the day.

5. Check legalities

6. Finally pull up your socks and be ready to face all kinds of challenges and hard times.

If you are ok till here and all is set then your wait for the ideas is over. The ideas mentioned below are just the hint about the type of businesses that can be done comfortably with job. Needless to say one has to come up with their own innovative ways to break the clutter. You have to identify the gap between what is already being offered and what differentiation you can bring to that. I would again like to emphasize that Execution is the key to success.

From Facebook to Google all had messaging app but WhatsApp broke the clutter and became $ 19 billion app. When Ola came in 2010, Meru was already operational. Ola identified the gaps like high taxi rentals, high turn around time in services, high inventory and maintenance cost. So, Ola came up with a different model – Taxi aggregation, wherein it did not own the cars and thus offered rides at far cheaper rates. In a short span of time it captured 80% market share and emerged as, a leader.

Moreover, the startup revolution has just started in India and offers huge scope for the future. One or two players are not enough to cover the entire market of 1.2 billion people. Basic funda is to be different, solve a potential problem and create your own niche. Regardless of so many dating and chatting apps, Snapchat hit the nerve- the latent psychological need of being anonymous with the message. Snapchat made chatting more fun- wherein you can scribble on your pic, send it to your friends and the pic gets disappeared in 10 seconds. There was Big Basket in grocery delivery business with deep pockets still more than 40 startups mustered the courage to enter, and those who had innovative models like PepperTap and Grofers did really good really good.

The bottom line is if you have a disruptive idea then don’t be scared of the competition. Also, you are implementing it with a job, so the risk factor is almost zero.

Three ways to break the clutter are, think about:

1. How you can simplify the offerings and engage a maximum number of people. Make it simple silly!! People are ready to spend money on convenience- give them convenience.

2. Check out any gap your competitor has left where in you can fit yourself

3. Mass Appeal-check out if there is a mass appeal for something which the competitors are ignoring

Below are the 5 million dollar ideas that can be started with Job.


The best thing with blogging as a startup is that you need not find a co-founder. Blogging is something you may start on your own. This is the best way to monetize your knowledge with a job at hand. If you consider yourself to be an authority of some domain, then you can easily try your hands at it without risking your job. Make sure your blog doesn’t conflict with the knowledge acquired at your work place.