Australia s 30 Best Home Business Ideas 2016

Small Services Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / April 20, 2017

For many, 2017 is an opportunity for new beginnings, exciting changes and fresh business adventures. Worldwide, it’s estimated there are 100 million new businesses opening each year.

Are you’re ready to start a new business in 2017 but lacking an idea? Just in time for the new year, here are our top 217 business ideas for your new one-person shop. These ideas can take you from a weekend-only entrepreneur to full fledge, full time job new business owner.

Business professional services

Creating a small business as an extension off what you currently do for a living is a natural progression into the entrepreneurial world. Many of these jobs can be done on the side in the evening or weekend. What’s best about creating a business-to-business company? Being able to see yours, and your client’s dreams come to fruition!

  1. Accountant
  2. Business networking coordinator
  3. Career coach
  4. Voice over artist
  5. Public speaking coach
  6. Delivery service owner
  7. Tax preparer
  8. Business plan writer
  9. Professional consultant
  10. Office decorator
  11. Notary
  12. Virtual assistant
  13. Professional pest control operator
  14. General business contractor
  15. Grant writer
  16. Computer consultant
  17. Property manager
  18. Office computer trainer
  19. Professional photographer
  20. Business courier
  21. PowerPoint freelancer
  22. Data entry freelancer
  23. Business caterer
  24. Financial advisor
  25. Small business lawyer
  26. Small business coach
  27. Stock photographer
  28. Business translator
  29. Freelance software developer
  30. Window cleaner
  31. Public speaker
  32. Resume writer
  33. Business freelancer

Car Services

If cars are your passion, there are a variety of car related business opportunities you can engage with to keep your enthusiasm going.

  1. Mechanic
  2. Car wash owner
  3. Private driver
  4. Taxi driver
  5. Car and limo service driver
  6. Auto collision repair
  7. Tire installation
  8. Airport car service shuttle
  9. Car detailing business owner
  10. Home and auto locksmith

Child related services

Child centric businesses are a booming market. From newborns through to college, there are numerous business ideas to help parents and children.

  1. Professional nanny
  2. New child software
  3. Toy maker
  4. Daycare facility owner
  5. In-home daycare owner
  6. Music lesson instructor
  7. College coach
  8. Private swim lesson instructor
  9. School tutor
  10. SAT and ACT prep instructor
  11. Driving instructor
  12. Lactation consultant
  13. Birthday party planner
  14. College application consultant

Editorial and design services

Let your creativity and attention to detail soar with a new business in design or writing.

  1. Caricature artist
  2. Copywriter
  3. Freelance journalist
  4. Ghost writer
  5. Website editor
  6. Graphic designer
  7. Logo and web designer
  8. Custom T-shirt designer
  9. App designer
  10. Proof reader

Food services

If cooking is your passion, consider opening your own food truck or catering company.

  1. Food truck owners
  2. Private caterer
  3. Organic produce farmer
  4. Dairy and egg farmer
  5. Specialty butcher

Home services

Maintaining a home can be a detailed, never ending list for homeowners. A business related to home maintenance and service includes an expansive list from real estate photography, appraisals to contractors and cleaning services.

  1. Chimney sweeper
  2. Home inspector
  3. Home remodeler
  4. Professional real estate photographer
  5. Residential house cleaner
  6. Home energy auditor
  7. Household manager
  8. Interior decorator
  9. Personal concierge
  10. Moving service owner
  11. House painting service owner
  12. House sitter
  13. Home chef
  14. Home stager
  15. Home gardener
  16. Landscape designer
  17. Fence repair installer
  18. Home pest control operator
  19. Gutter cleaning service owner
  20. Deck installer
  21. Home renovation contractor
  22. Window installation and repair
  23. Flooring installer and refinisher
  24. Roofing and siding installation
  25. Carpet cleaner
  26. Home appraiser
  27. Laundry service owner

Internet marketing and sales

Are you a digital marketing guru at your day job? Have you considered to take on clients for your own firm? Starting an internet marketing agency can be an exciting opportunity with unlimited possibilities.

  1. eBay assistant
  2. PPC consultant
  3. Social media brand manager
  4. Display media buyer
  5. SEO professional
  6. Website developer
  7. Domain name buyer
  8. Blogger
  9. Estate sale service owner


If your expertise is really to be hands-on, then consider a product related business instead of service. Here are just a few of the different ways you can translate your creative juices into your own business.

  1. Custom embroidery designer
  2. Jewelry designer
  3. Home crafts designer
  4. Handbag designer
  5. Soap and bath oil maker
  6. Clothing designer
  7. Pottery maker
  8. Wreath maker
  9. E-book author
  10. Taxidermist
  11. Antique re-furbisher
  12. Re-upholstery repair
  13. T-shirt printer
  14. Small crafts design
  15. Photo restoration owner
  16. Furniture maker

Pet Services

Up to 47% of all US households have a pet and spend an estimated +62 billion each year. If you also have a soft spot for all creatures furry (and scaly) then creating a pet-centric business is a great way to marry your interests to your career.

  1. Dog walker
  2. Animal waste removal service owner
  3. Pet groomer
  4. Dog trainer
  5. Pet sitter
  6. Pet photographer
  7. Dog daycare provider
  8. Aquarium service owner
  9. Horse and barn owner
  10. Gourmet pet treat maker