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Small Business Ideas / September 21, 2019

Credit: Morgan Yeager

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Shane Barbanel, founder and CEO of CoLab-Factory.

We are all about co-working and collaboration at CoLab-Factory. The picture of the two facing sofas is a perfect symbolization of what we represent, what gets accomplished and in what fashion.

In 2012, there were a few co-working spaces in Manhattan that were really starting to take off. That specific type of office environment, which creates an atmosphere for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to build their business, were sparse in Brooklyn.

Since starting the journey to open CoLab-Factory, an increase in competition proves my thesis that co-working spaces are sought after office locations. My contention is that co-working and collaboration is not just for entrepreneurs and startups, it’s also for companies with headquarters in another state or country that has staff who needs to be in New York City, but does not want to work at home or at a café.

I wanted to eliminate the uncertainty of signing a long-term office lease that may not be a viable option for a startup or small business. In order to eliminate the risk of joining an office space, we provide the furniture, pay for the utilities, and provide security and offer an atmosphere for a company to flourish.

Our 11, 000 square-foot facility in Brooklyn, NY serves as a domain to educate and inspire our members with an extensive list of speakers at our office to discuss the latest tactics and trends impacting businesses and entrepreneurs.

The work bar pictured represents our diverse nature as a startup. We have created a space that fits all work personalities, whether a person prefers to stand, sit or lounge back, we developed an environment that everyone can choose how they are most comfortable getting their work done. I didn’t design the space for me, it was designed for a variety of present and future members in the education, technology, business and media industries.

By having the work bar perpendicular to and behind part of the lounge, it creates an open plan, with two separate non-competing task areas to spark ideas and innovations during planning sessions to execute the vision of the company.

Source: www.businessnewsdaily.com