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Small Engineering Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / February 23, 2020

Are you a mechanical engineer and you are seeking for a source of extra income? Or you need a business that you can do part time? Then below are the top 20 small business ideas for mechanical engineers.

As a mechanical engineer, you really do not need to wait for a company to employ you before you can start your career. There may be scarcity of jobs for people in other career fields but not for a mechanical engineer because most of the things we see and use everyday are designed by mechanical engineers.

From our automobiles, to our light switches, heating and air-conditioning system, generators and even household gadgets. There’s hardly any product we use today that doesn’t have the touch of a mechanical engineer.

There are several businesses you could start as a mechanical engineer and you really don’t need thousands of dollars to start your business. You could even start with making and selling toys for children or helping your friends and family members fix their vehicles when it is down. The most important thing is to analyze your market and determine what gaps exist therein that you could fill.

For instance, pounded yam is a popular staple in the Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria but the process of making it is very strenuous. The conventional way of making pounded yam is to use a mortar and pestle to pound it until it’s very smooth. A group of mechanical engineers decided to find ways to make it easier for people to enjoy pounded yam without going through the strenuous process of pounding it.

So they came up with a product known as a yam pounder which mechanically grinds the yam to smoothness within minutes. Yam pounders are now very popular in the market. There are several of such creations that are now popular today like coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, carpet washers, chemical sprayers etc.

As a mechanical engineer, opportunities exist for you in almost every industry. For instance in the agricultural industry, you could build tools like tractors, shell removing machines, irrigation and water supply equipment, food processors etc. There are several other businesses you can do, some of which include-:

Top 20 Small Business ideas for Mechanical Engineers in 2017

1. Auto-parts store-: As a trained mechanical engineer, you would most definitely be able to identify quality spare parts. You could open a spare parts store in your area for people who need to replace a damaged part in their motor vehicle.

2. Solar panel building and installation-: This is a business that would do well in any country in the world because everywhere in the world, people are looking for alternative sources of power to cut high energy costs.

3. Auto-repair shop-: You could also start a repair shop for motor vehicles, motor cycles, bicycles and other automobiles. You should consider adding mobile auto repair to your services for more patronage and profit.

4. HVAC installation and repair-: Another business opportunity for mechanical engineers is to set up a heating, ventilation and air conditioning business. You would help people install or repair their HVAC systems and you could also sell new systems and parts and gadgets like air conditioners, home and office heating systems, refrigerators etc.

5. Auto-parts assembling plant-: You could also start a business of importing motor vehicle parts, assembling them and marketing them as your own products.

6. Training school-: If you have a flair for teaching, you could either become a lecturer, teaching mechanical engineering in universities or set up a training school to train and brush up mechanical engineers.

7. Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Firm-: Another smart business idea is to start a consultancy business to offer support to industries and companies in need of mechanical engineering services.

8. Machine building & Design-: As a mechanical engineer, you could build machine prototypes or conduct research and design different kinds of machines for use in different industry. You could also seek out intelligent individuals who have developed unique innovations but do not have funds to market them. You could take such people under your wings and give them the exposure they need.

9. Aircraft maintenance-: You could also start a business that helps airlines service and maintain their aircrafts to avoid air disasters.

10. Waste Management-: The waste management industry is very broad and as a mechanical engineer, there are opportunities for you in the waste management industry too. You could help to design and construct machines that would make waste disposal and recycling easier.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com