Small Chemical Business IDEAS

Small Business Ideas / September 11, 2022

According to a report of ficci, Indian chemical industry is expected to register a growth of 8-9% in the next decade. It is also expected to double its share in global chemical industry to 5-6% by 2021. Individuals from chemical engineering field or having experience in chemical product manufacturing, are now thinking of initiating a small scale venture in chemical manufacturing. The Indian Chemical Industry comprises both small and large-scale units, and presently, there are about 70, 000 chemical manufacturing units located in the country. A major component (in numbers) are covered in the small scale sector.

The chemicals industry in India is the largest consumer of its own products, consuming 33% of its output. With promising growth trends in the chemicals industry, this internal consumption is also set to rise.

Government recognizes Chemical industry as a key growth element of Indian economy. In Chemical Sector, 100% FDI is permissible. Manufacturing of most of chemical products is delicenced. The entrepreneurs need to submit only IEM with the DIPP provided no locational angle is involved. Market potential small-scaleale chemical product manufacturing is huge. Here we accumulate 25 highly profitable chemical business ideas for your ready reference. You can develop all these chemical business ideas as small scale basis with moderate capital investment.

1. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Detergent powders are also known as synthetic detergent and these are surfactant. One can start this project with small start up capital investment. There are number of varieties of detergent available in the market depending upon different percentage of active ingredients and other components. The process of manufacturing is very simple and it involves simply mixing different ingredients in right formula.

2. Perfume Making

Perfume making business can be a profitable venture when you are aware of the basic things of the marketing of the product. A person with prolific discipline nature and having the ability to listen to others and process the ideas and information they shared – a perfume making business can be a right option for him.

3. Nail Polish Making

Nail polish making business is a million dollar industry in cosmetic products. Nail polish is a lacquer kind of product that is used to decorate and to protect human fingernails or toenails. The demand of nail polish is growing rapidly particularly in urban areas owing to several factors such as greater purchasing power because of higher income, desire to look better and more attractive etc.

4. Liquid Soap Making

Liquid soap making includes a wide range of processing, packaging and marketing operation. The business also demands extensive market research and marketing strategy. Liquid soap is a consumable item and the demand for it is increasing in rural and urban area both. Total annual soap sale by branded companies is estimated at 14000 tones, while a total soap market is considered to be about 126000 tones.

5. Matchstick Manufacturing

Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated as small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. Matchsticks are consumer durable product and the demand is growing day-by-day. An entrepreneur having knowledge in channel distribution can start this business with moderate capital investment.

6. Rubber band Manufacturing

An entrepreneur can initiaterubber band manufacturing project at home location with moderate capital investment. Rubber Band is very useful thing in our everyday life and it seems that its demand will remain unchanged in future also. Rubber band manufacturing is and for small business entrepreneurs.

7. Neem Oil Extraction

Neem oil extraction demands adequate knowledge about oil extraction process. There are several techniques used in the industrial and commercial extraction of neem oil. Neem oil extraction using solvent like alcohol, ether and hydrocarbons is the most used process in the industry.

8. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti making is one of the traditional in India. Agarbatti is a consumer product that the demand is found throughout the year and it increases in festive days. The scope and production of agarbatti making business is based on the individual investment capability. One can start this as home based and can go for large scale also.

9. Water Purifier

Water purifier is a liquid substance to purify and treat drinking water. It can be simply formulated with iodine or chlorine dioxide. With simple formulation process water purifier manufacturing business can be initiated as small scale basis.

10. Pesticide Manufacturing

Small scale pesticide manufacturing business demands knowledge about the process of formulation with right technical. Selecting the right product is important. Pesticide manufacturing is one of the most profitable chemical ideas.

11. Nylon Production

The demand for nylon products is very extensive globally and it requires on a daily basis. Choosing the right product and identify the market is the most crucial issues in getting success in nylon production.

12. Micro nutrient Manufacturing

Micronutrient has an immense potential in agriculture business. Having a strong distribution strategy, one can start this manufacturing business with substantial capital investment.

13. Toilet Cleaner

Having knowledge about the formulation process an individual can start toilet cleaner business with moderate capital investment in small scale basis. Determining the proper marketing strategy is important in this type of business.

Source: 99businessideas.com