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Small Business Ideas / November 5, 2021

Franchise is one of the best and safest ways to start your own business.

The reason I say so is because franchise in literally means replica of an existing business model/format which has been tired, tested and proved to earn profits.

Setting up a new business can be very tiring as you need to plan each and every small detail and as a first timer one does make many mistake, where as if you buy a franchise there is a complete backing of the franchisor and also you don’t make any mistakes provided the franchisor backs you.

While considering buying a franchise one of the important factors you should consider is that how supportive the franchisor is.

My company is into manufacturing and Retailing of Costume jewellery which is one of the most booming industry.

Jewellery being among the top 10 sold item on most E-commerce platforms.

We offer Distribution, sub-distribution & retail Franchise business opportunity with complete training and marketing support starting from 10–25 lakhs

Our support includes

  1. complete setup
  2. Merchandise management
  3. Marketing support
  4. Lead generation
  5. Registering on all online portals
  6. Human resource management and training.
  7. Finding the right place for retail stores etc.

All in all you can start concentrating on your core business activity from day one and leave rest on us,

If at all this interests you, feel free to message me on quora, you may start a retail franchise and sell through brick and mortar store as well as online.