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Small Scale Online Business IDEAS

Online Business / June 17, 2017

homeVacation times are meant for much-needed recharging and resting. However, productivity should not stop when everything else seems to come to a halt. Why not take the opportunity to add new skills and knowledge to turn productive ideas into fruitful endeavors, like starting and running your own business.

This summer, you need not spend big on business books or enroll in a crash business course. Here are great business starter references you can check out online – from traditional home-based businesses to service-based vocations and other fresh additional income ideas. Stock up on easy, simple and quick to-do guides to start building your very own business empire.

1. Home-Based Businesses

Over half of all U.S. businesses are based out of the owner’s home, and some of the biggest corporations today started out as small home-based businesses, like Apple Computer, Ford Motors and Mary Kay. This article is a good primer for the future business owner, offering step-by-step guides on how to prepare, plan and start a small home business.

Guides include practical pre-opening reminders (consisting of simple to do yet useful self-assessment tools) that will help you determine if you are ready to take on the business owner role, no matter how small it is at first. The guide moves to details on important phases of rolling out your plan, from starting and financing to marketing your small business. It also include pertinent information like filing taxes for your small home business.

2. 10 Legitimate Businesses You Can Start for Under $20

An additional income stream is always welcome, especially if you have spare time and some talent and practical skills to create something marketable. This article presents 10 possible new businesses to consider that someone with basic entrepreneurial spirit can pull off with just $20 or less as start-up capital.

Each entry on the list is expounded by general information on what it is about, the skills it entail and how to jumpstart it in a small scale. There are smart marketing ideas supporting each list plus suggestions on where to allocate the $20 seed fund to spark the profits. The article also cautions readers about falling into small home-based business scams that ask for advance purchases of starter kits, supplies or promotional materials.

3. 106 Business Ideas: Service Businesses

If you are simply checking out your options first and just want to know the different small businesses, home-based businesses or personal ventures that you think you can build and grow, this article is the perfect must-read. The article focuses on service-type businesses, a great option from product-based businesses needing big inventory space, since service-type ventures capitalize on your skills and interests and on equipment you already have.

The list is divided into six types of service businesses: personal services, marketing and sales services, home services, computers and technology services, children’s services and events services.

4. Moms Making Millions

If you think you need more motivation to get you out of your routine or comfort zone, you may want to read up on some good stories of moms who started out small on their personal dream deals, and ended up raking in millions. This article compiles seven true stories of average American moms making millions now. Each story is presented briefly, focusing on what led these ladies to become the business successes that they are today.

From a mom wanting more from the child care book she was reading, to a stepmom challenged by the clutter in her house, the article uplifts the business spirit, and knowing just how the light bulb lighted up on the individual moms in the most unexpected times and places is worth a second read, or more.

5. 10 Tests of Your Modern Entrepreneur Lingo

Finally, if you are somewhere between short-listing your very own business options and pulling out some wads of cash to speed up a ribbon-cutting ceremony, here’s a good article that would help you brush up on current business terms that you may need to know the meaning of.

This article is great to get yourself ready and “professional” should a customer in your kitchen-based video game app small business asks you if you want to meet some “super-angels.” Make sure you don’t embarrass yourself by a smirk and a dismissive hand gesture. You could have just said no to a cool hundred thousand bucks of support fund meant for budding tech business owners like you, and worse, you stay as a “ramen-profitable” startup for the rest of your business life.

Source: financesonline.com