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Online Business IDEAS for Teens

Online Business / November 27, 2016

There are good business ideas teenagers can do as part time business or during their holidays. Even if you have all the money as parents to take care of your teens, it will be beneficial to them both now and in the future if they can be exposed to how they can identify good business ideas that can fetch them some bucks. Teenagers get exposed to diverse things during holidays. They can easily be influenced by their peers if they don’t have something productive they can do to keep them busy. An idle hand is a devil’s workshop. Instead of allowing your teens to loaf around the town, you can introduce them to some good business ideas. It will not just to keep them busy. It will be a good way of teaching them to be entrepreneurial. If they can work on some good business ideas at their early stage and learn how to earn income through them, this will lay a good foundation for them if they decide to become an entrepreneur in future. With the rate of unemployment around the world, it seems the solution is entrepreneurship.

Below are some good business ideas for teens or college students:


Teens of nowadays are equipped with various skills which they can impact on others. Tutoring of older people on how to use and troubleshoot computers and how to use search engines to find information on the internet are good business ideas for teens. You will agree with me that computer literacy is becoming a necessity in today’s economy. Not everybody is privileged to have access to computer. If you are one of the privileged teens to have access to computer and you know how to troubleshoot very well, it is a good business idea for you.

Apart from organizing computer tutoring class, you can teach younger students on specific subjects you are good at. Tutoring and coaching other students on essential subjects such as English language and Mathematics are good business ideas for teens.

Selling on eBay

Teens can be very rough at times. If you enter their rooms, you will see a lot of materials being littered on the floor. Teens usually have a lot of used clothes, most of them are brand names which other younger teens may like to wear. Instead of allowing used clothes and other materials to make rooms or the entire house look untidy, teens should see these as good business ideas through which they can make money by selling them on eBay. By the time they succeed in selling one or two items, they will begin to see other good business ideas around their home. This will earn them money as well as help keep the house clean.


If you are crafty and good at designs, you can make money on Etsy. You can make jewelry, artworks and other crafts and sell them on Etsy. What Etsy does is to provide you a platform in form of storefront where you can display your crafts for willing customers to buy. There will be many other people displaying their crafts. Therefore, your price should be competitive. One way to make your price competitive is by buying your materials from low cost source. Listing and payment processing fees payable to Etsy are parts of the costs you must consider when fixing a price for crafts.


The need for babysitting is usually on the high side during holidays. Babies need someone to look after them when their parents must have gone to work. If you are a teen that like playing with children, babysitting will be one of the good business ideas you can consider. One good thing about babysitting is that, it is a business idea you can start without capital.

Social Media Consultant

Many small businesses rely on social media to connect to their customers. Teens can spend a lot of hours on social media platforms without getting bored. Teens are good at connecting to other people on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitters and Instagram. Instead of engaging in activities and chatting that do not add much value, teens can work as Social Media Consultant to small businesses that don’t have time to update their pages or respond to customers enquiries. In fact, Social Media Consulting is one of the high paying side business teens can do.

Pet Sitting/Walking

During holidays, pet owners may not be able to travel with their pets. At the same time, they cannot afford to leave their pets unattended to for a long time. They need someone who can feed and take good care of their pets. This can involve pet walking. If you are good at taking care of pets, petting sitting and pet walking are good business ideas for you.

House Assistant

Teens can work as house assistant to busy couples or senior citizens who may not be able to walk round to get things done by themselves. House assistance may include laundry, meal preparation, errands and so on. Apart from the monetary gain teens can benefit from working as a House Assistant, it teaches them to be more caring and responsible in the society.

Those are just few good business ideas I can mention for now. There are various good business ideas teens can do. You just need to look and identify needs around you. Needs that you identify and you can provide solution to are good business ideas for you.

Source: legitsmallbusiness.com