Australia s 30 Best Home Business Ideas 2016

START a Small Business From Home IDEAS

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Thinking about starting a business? If you're a women that's undecided, and need some ideas for your small business, start here! Starting a small business is relatively easy if you have an idea in your head on what you want it to be about. The real test in strength comes to putting that business into the public eye and making a success of whatever you are selling, whether its products or services.

To make a small business successful you have to start from the bottom, especially if you are a one woman-band with little or no budget to put behind it. There are certain marketing exploits that you can benefit from in order to spread the word, but you also need to find a market to sell to and a small business that is really going to work for you.

All it takes is a bit of online learning in order to progress your business forward and make a real go of it.

1. Personal shopper

Every woman loves to shop so it makes sense turning a hobby or passion like shopping into a small business idea. The key now is how do you go about this and who should you target?

Ideally you want to target busy business people or parents who don’t have the time to head to the stores in order to buy school supplies, clothes, or other items. Offering this service to busy parents could be a great way to get started and then you can look at other avenues to go down.
For example, those that are sick, housebound or elderly are all perfect markets to reach out to because you will be helping them and in-turn they will be helping your business idea get off the ground in no time.

2. Blogging

In the technological age we now live in, blogging is a great new platform that can help you start a business from the comfort of your own home. Again, it comes down to a few determine factors on what you want to write about and you need to make your blog different from the other millions out there trying to do the same thing.

Admittedly this point can take more time to get off the ground because of the competition but you can start by offering companies the chance of reviews on your site. You can get paid to post about them and you can also get sent products to test and keep. Further to that you can also display adverts from AdSense to make extra revenue.

3. Create an Online Course

Online learning can help you gain qualifications, experience and knowledge in any chosen field of study. By taking a course you can help your small business grow overnight because you will have developed all the necessary tools in order to find the right path forward.
As an example of his we can look at cooking or cake making courses which are quite easy to setup, and with the aid of a video camera you can even provide webisodes on YouTube where people can learn how to make the perfect cake or roast that perfect chicken.

Online courses can be taken or established quite quickly, and not only do they act as a great learning base for you, if you need to advance your business idea forward, but they can come in brilliantly if you want to create your own self-styled course and take in enrolments from people who want to become a part of that course.

4. Social Media Expert

Social media is a massive player in marketing, customer service and reaching out to potential new customers. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are perfect if you have products to sell. Not only can you gain important feedback but you can settle customer enquiries and spread the word about new product lines and discounts that people want to know more about.

Then there is the advertising side of social media, and the best part of this is that you need very little budget to get started. Even spending a few dollars a day can yield some pretty impressive results if done correctly.

Facebook in particular allows a social media expert access to billions of people worldwide, and the ads platform can be used to a granular level in order to gain maximum returns on investments. Therefore you can target by age, location and interests where you think you are going to turn people into sales effectively.

5. Home-Based Food Services

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Nigella Lawson in the kitchen then you might have a small business idea right under your nose in the form of a personal chef, catering business or home-based bakery.

By utilizing social media (see above) you can advertise your home based services to the local area, including businesses that will place orders at lunchtimes for your selection of foods. If you enjoy what you are doing and would like to take it further you can then begin to expand by hiring a premises locally and then move from there.

The small business ideas are endless, but it’s all about finding an idea that you are going to enjoy, and then working your way up from that idea.

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