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Best IDEAS for Starting a Business

This all depends. Don’t look for guarantees. Don’t expect an easy ride. Don’t think Brexit will help you; but don’t think it won’t either.

In many ways, it’s not glib to suggest there’s never been a better time to start a business. If you have a business idea, plan, or way of making money and do it well, work your socks off, and don’t get distracted or downcast by things you can’t control, now is as good a time as any to start out on your own.

With a population of over 5.5 million businesses – of which small and medium-sized companies account for 99% – the UK has become a hotbed for innovation and new business ventures, and its reputation as an enterprise hub is expected to be cemented further in 2017.

Over the last year, we’ve seen UK start-ups attract more funding than ever before.

An incredible 7, 000 Start Up Loans were awarded to UK entrepreneurs, the UK’s tech start-ups received more investment than any other European country, and we’ve witnessed the launch of the UK’s largest ever seed funding competition; The Start-Up Series.

UK government has focused its attentions firmly on business recently with plans in place to help start-ups grow, export more, and be more productive. The government has even given the green light for the launch of a first-of-its kind prison entrepreneurship programme.

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With enterprise at the forefront of the agenda, coupled with news that UK start-up and small business owners are happier and more determined than those in full-time employment, 2017 is anticipated to be a record year for new business creation.

At Startups.co.uk, we want to help you become part of the UK’s thriving business community which is why, every year, our team of business journalists produce an extensive report on emerging and growing business opportunities, stand-out sectors and hot business ideas for you to pursue.

Sponsored by the government-backed, What business to start in 2017 showcases 17 hot business ideas for this coming year, covering a cross-section of industries and catering to a range of skill-sets and start-up budgets.

From business ideas in food and drink, including Japanese food, Mezcal and food waste, to topical suggestions – Brexit consultancy for instance – to concepts that you can exploit for business purposes, such as hygge, in What business to start in 2017 there are start-up prospects to suit any aspiring entrepreneur.

All of the business ideas featured are supported by evidence from industry experts and those with authority in the space, including insights from global market research firm Mintel, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and direct marketing specialist Yell Business.

We’ve also spoken to several start-ups and fast-growing companies, such as the Cereal Killer Café, ChicP, Little Moons and POD Point, to get their views on developing start-up trends. You’ll be able to read the ‘insider opinions’ from these businesses throughout this guide.

What’s more, many of the business opportunities listed in What business to start in 2017 can be started on a part-time basis. So, if the thought of going self-employed intimidates you, you’ll soon see that there are more flexible options available to help make your dream of starting a business a reality.

Source: startups.co.uk