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Easy Business IDEAS for Students

Business Ideas / July 26, 2014

ShoesNot all of us will wake up one day with that ‘eureka’ moment to change our lives. Unlike the stories we read where Entrepreneur X comes up with a multi-million-pound innovation while brushing his teeth, most businesses don’t start this way. Instead, looking for an existing business premise and working out whether you can offer this better, more easily or with a unique twist is a far quicker route to setting up on your own. Our list features 4 business ideas which already have a proven market and could transform your working life.

Get with the coffee crew

Coffee is big business in the UK – we spent an amazing £7.9bn in Britain’s 20, 000+ coffee shops in 2015 alone, according to The Telegraph. Our craving for caffeine isn’t going away, and more and more small businesses are getting in on the action. If you’ve got your own daily java habit, why not look into opening your own coffee shop, especially if your local area lacks a specialist offering. If a shop’s too much of a risk, start by investing in a mobile coffee cart and setting up at local farmer’s markets. There are plenty of courses available to get up to speed on coffee-making and bean variety, so if you’re a foodie sort, this could be for you.

Walk the dogs

If you feel you missed your calling as a vet, then setting up as a dog-walker could be right up your street. And it can pay off, too – The Telegraph reports that dog walkers earn a fifth more than the average UK salary for working half the month. It’s a service that many more people with busy lifestyles really need when working long hours in the office mean they can’t get out themselves. If you’re outdoorsy, love animals and want to stay fit, this could be a locally-driven success that you would later be able to roll out as a brand.

Get crafty online

There are some fantastic platforms out there that enable you to turn your skills in – well, anything – into a sellable commodity. Just taking a look at some of the most popular sites such as Notonthehighstreet and Etsy you can get a sense of the breadth of what’s on offer – everything from artwork to crafting to personalisation, there are ideas aplenty. Successful sellers find their niche and do it well, offering a unique twist on what’s available elsewhere.

Get the fitness bug

Personal training just used to be for the likes of Hollywood A-listers – now, take a walk through any local park and you’ll find PTs putting civilians through their paces. With the fitness industry worth over £3bn in the UK annually and the current wellness trend showing no signs of abating, if you’re into physical activity and don’t mind the rain then this could be an option for you. There are plenty of courses on offer to get training qualifications, and setting up as a PT could be the first step towards your very own fitness brand.

Source: www.powwownow.co.uk