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Business Office Decorating IDEAS for Mens

Business Ideas / December 10, 2021

How to Decorate Office CubicleAn honest confession – until recently, my cubicle at work looked like a trash bin. I spent some money and energy fixing up my cubicle, and now it’s the envy of others.

Sorry, I don’t have the desire to decorate my cubicle by season or the occasion; that’s just not me. I don’t put up little pumpkins in October and eggs at Easter like women do.

But, I do like desks with small replica footballs and golf balls. I do like sports pictures on a cubicle. Or, for that matter, the cutest cat picture looks good there too.

As long as these things are not too powerful to the eyes and mix well with other objects.

Previously I posted some of the basic tips on becoming a better employee by . Writing good emails and living in a well-organized office space are

You can understand how embarrassing that was.

I didn’t get a post it note but, my cubicle was no better.

It did sound an alarm bell!

You spend all day in a cube, at least, 8 hours each work day. Why don’t you make it clean, clutter-free, and soothing?

A clean surrounding promotes clean thinking. A clean thinking generates ideas. Ideas take us to new highs.

Keeping a well decorated and maintained cubicle is thus, an integral part of your daily work life.

  1. Know the rules and regulations at your job. Any offensive quotations, memorabilia, or images could lead to loss of your job.
  2. Printouts are the biggest cause of clutter on your desk. Discard all papers when they outlive their purpose.
  3. Don’t overhaul everything in a day. Don’t lose your productivity by putting your day’s energy into organizing. I decorated my cube during a weekend trip to the office. My boss greatly appreciated that.
  4. You can decorate for free. Look for garage sales to accumulate small office equipment that still works.
  5. Your home decorations and office decorations are not the same things. A lot of pictures, toys, and mementos look better at home than in the office.
  6. Do not place items in such a way that your visitors can’t see you while speaking to you.
  7. Too much decoration is bad – do not overwhelm the place. Too much decoration distract your coworkers as well, the same way, too much noise does.
  8. Sports memorabilia are excellent items to show off in your cubicle. (remember, this place gathers more eyeballs than your home unless you work in a small office with a few visitors)
  9. A family picture on your desk talks about your nature. Show off your loving side. People will love ’em too.
  10. Always tuck medicines and personal hygiene items in a drawer after your use.
  11. Clean the place, dust off weekly, at least. Especially, your computer screens and monitors.

The above rules apply to any cubicle organization, man or woman.

However, there are certain things that make a cubicle a real man’s cubicle that can raise the eyebrows of men and women alike, your boss or your janitor alike.