The Top 25 Best Self Employed Jobs That Pay Well You Can Start Today

Business IDEAS for Self Employment

Business Ideas / January 29, 2020

Are you an unemployed graduate and you want to make money self employed? If YES, here are 10 best self employment small business ideas & opportunities to start.

The world’s unemployment rate is increasing yearly and most people are going broke and filing for bankruptcy as a result. In Nigeria, massive downsizing have been sweeping the banking industry and other industry will follow suit.

But despite this sad statistics, I want you to know that there are individuals that refused to be cowed by the surrounding circumstances. Rather than lamenting over their loss of job, they simply took the bull by the horn, started a business for themselves based on their skills and are making money today; while others do nothing but worry.

Are you unemployed and broke? Do you have any marketable skill? Are you prepared to turn the table around and start to make money for yourself? If yes, then this article is for you.

The US recession of 2008 did not just affect the United States but also had a huge effect on the global economy. Right after the economic downturn, a lot of companies went bankrupt and the companies that did not go broke had to resort to dismissing a lot of its employees just to cut down cost; the result of which increased the rate of unemployment worldwide.

At the moment, the global economy is slowly regaining balance but finding permanent employment is still difficult to accomplish. Even newly graduated students from highly competitive schools are also struggling to be employed in the company of their choice. So how can this problem of unemployment be solved? Simple, by becoming self employed.

Before now, the term self-employed usually refers to highly successful businessmen and people are really intimidated to venture into self-employment because the common perception is that starting a business usually requires a lot of money in startup capital. Well, this is not the case anymore. Here are the top 10 best self employment business ideas and opportunities you can start with little or no money.

Tutorial services especially online are very popular right now and the most common subject being taught is English language. ESL (English as a Second Language) based companies usually look for tutors who are well versed in teaching and speaking English, some even accepts undergraduate students. The most common customers usually are Japanese and Koreans.

For budding writers, this is the perfect job. Usually all you need is the talent and drive to write within a deadline and a stable internet connection. There are a lot of companies that specializes in this kind of services and the best thing about it is that you can earn from the comfort of your home.

This is just like doing a garage sale but on the internet. Anybody can practically sell anything online these days. You can sell the unused trinkets lying around your house or even go to auctions to acquire items for reselling. This is possible by registering in social media sites or by creating a blog to sell your merchandise. Some companies like eBay are also popular site you can visit for direct reselling.

There are many people who are on Facebook but don’t actually have the time to manage them, so what they usually do is they hire people to manage their Facebook, twitter or email account. How simple can it get, imagine earning money just by being on Facebook all day. The employers in this field however are not just individual people; some companies also outsource their assistants.