Inventive But Wacky Aussie Business Ideas That Actually Work

Business Ideas for Australia

Business Ideas / May 5, 2018

Data EntryStarting a business can be a scary prospect, especially if you’re not sure which business you’d like to get into. There are new business ideas everywhere and hundreds of ways to make money with an online business, especially if you are willing to be creative and tenacious. The following 50 online business ideas are all great opportunities to start your own web based company.

1. Web Designer

Web designers are in great demand these days. The job consists of designing websites for clients, while making certain the site is set up creatively, is functional, and presents well visually.

To succeed in the business, knowledge of web design programs and the ability to artistically and technically put to together web sites is a necessity.

2. Virtual Assistant

There are countless websites where virtual assistants can find work, and that’s why it’s an excellent online business.

Virtual assistants help clients manage their businesses and lives by assisting with appointments, email, and any other work an assistant would accomplish. The work can be performed remotely, and with a few good clients, you could have a profitable business.

3. Consultant

If you specialize in anything, put your talents to good use and become an online consultant.

Whether it’s business, law, real estate, or public relations, you can launch a website offering your consulting services to clients for a fee.

Language Tutor4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in charge of developing visual content for websites or companies.

To be successful, you must be proficient in graphic design programs such as adobe Illustrator and Photshop and have the artistic ability to create such things as visually pleasing logos, web pages, catalogs or brochures. many graphic designers have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

5. Web Researcher

If you are a strong researcher, opening an online web researching business could be your thing.

Many businesses need research conducted before they launch a product and often hire researchers. In addition, companies need researchers to locate people, and others need fact checkers to ensure accurate information on their websites.

6. SEO Optimizer

Search engine optimization involves making certain that a website is ranked high in a search engine result.

The way this is accomplished is through the right keywords, links to other websites, and organization. SEO optimizers analyze sites for clients and then attempt to improve areas of the site that need fine tuning so they site will be ranked higher in search engine results.

7. Tutoring

This business requires a college degree, but there is a huge demand for tutors in all subjects online.

There are countless companies who hire tutors for grades K-12 and college students as well.
You can also choose to start up your own online tutoring company and hire others to help with various subjects.

Personal Shopper8. Sales

Whether it’s makeup, handbags, candles, or cookware, selling online has become easier than ever.

In the past, sales like these had to be done at parties in the homes of friends, but these days, your business can be done entirely online through social media parties or from your personal website.

9. Etsy Store

If you are creative and would like to sell your creations, Etsy is the perfect place to do it.

Whether it’s shirts, costumes, hats, or arts and crafts, you can open an Etsy store and sell your stuff!

10. Data Entry

Entering data is important part of any business, and there is a demand for employees to perform this service.

As a date entry clerk, it will be your responsibility to enter information accurately into a system. Possible jobs could include entering data for medical records, financial information, and catalogs.

11. Ebook Writer

With the popularity of e-readers, it’s never been a better time to write an Ebook.

If you enjoy writing, choose a genre and get started! You can publish your book youtself and market it. If you are just starting out, it’s better to price your book for less and then increase the price once you build a following.

12. Accountant

If you have a degree in accounting, start up your own online accounting business.

In addition to doing taxes for clients, you could also offer consulting services for a fee.

13. Customer Service

Becoming a customer service rep online is easier than ever. There are many companies who hire remote employees to take calls from customers.

Possible jobs could include hotel booking, handling client complaints, and taking orders for products. The amount of work out there makes this a great online business to be in.

14. Blogging

The popularity of blogging has really grown in recent years, and if you like writing and can find your niche, then this could be a fun business to start.