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Business Ideas / June 27, 2021

A 4 x 6 post-card sized photography business card (front and back)How much consideration does the traditional photography business card get these days? Judging from observations at networking events, it seems that some cards may never see the light of day again, unless the photographer is smart enough to come up with some new and creative photography business card ideas to make them stand out from the crowd...

Photography business cards are one of those creative accessories that many photographers consider essential, but when I paused to really think about it I could see no obvious business reason why we absolutely must have them. After all, with so many alternative ways for clients to find us, I asked myself if traditional photography business cards are truly effective these days, and what ways photographers have found to be more creative when it comes to photography business card ideas

It certainly seems reasonable, in a world where it’s becoming ever more difficult to be noticed and to garner people’s attention, to imagine that there must be better alternatives to the standard 2 x 3 inch traditional business card for the professional photographer.

This is an example of one of my 4 x 6 business post cards, which was quite effective for a while, that was able to carry a lot of information and persuasive copy with it. This got me wondering what other photographers are actually using…

The Zero Option – No Photography Business Cards

?A very creative photography business card idea from Keith Cooper - a 3 part mini-brochure Has anyone tried to do that? If so, how is it working out?

For example, I was observing the behavior of people at a recent networking meeting, as I was interested in the psychological aspects of the networking process, especially in the realms of trading of business cards etc.

I’m More Important Than You

What I noticed was that two people would typically meet for the first time, and one of the first questions to be asked was usually, “do you have a business card?” Naturally, the response was, “yes“, followed by a business card exchange, as though it were part of some bizarre ritual that neither party fully understood.

What happened next was quite interesting. In most cases, one of the pair would take a few moments to examine in detail the card they had received, while the other person would quickly thrust the business card they had been given into a pocket without ever really looking at it.

What I concluded from observing these people for a few more minutes was that the simple exchange of business cards, and the way each person responded, actually established a rudimentary form of social ranking, with the one who paid the business card the least attention being perceived as the more important of the two.

It also seemed more likely that the business cards that were dismissed so easily would very quickly find their way into the trash can, or at the very least become lost or forgotten.

RJ Hidson's photography business card is a clear acrylic card that's clean and simple Margo Pinkerton takes a whimsical approach with her creative photography business card design - aimed squarely at the fun-loving photographer Dani Riot's clear plastic business card is designed to convey the modern approach to his business

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