What Are the Different Types of Business Ideas for Kids?

Best Business Ideas for Kids

Business Ideas / October 26, 2019

Starting your own business can be fun, but it can also make you extra money. Kids start their own businesses every day, with many getting help from mom, dad, or friends. One of the great reasons to start your own business, besides learning to make your own money and spending it on cool stuff, is that it helps to build confidence. You learn about earning money, something that you will need to understand when you are an adult. Remember to have your parents to check the laws in your area about kids having a business, since you may need a license.

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A tried and true way to make some extra money is to offer to do yard work for neighbors. Whether this is a good business for you depends on your age and whether you like doing work outside. This type of job might include cutting the grass and helping to trim plants (remember to ask your dad for permission to use the lawnmower). It is important to be careful when mowing grass by wearing protection.

If you love dogs, you may find the perfect business idea for you is to become a dog walker. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with taking care of other people's pets. It is important to never take on a dog that you don't feel safe with taking. Before you agree to walk someone’s dog, it is a smart idea to spend a little time with the dog while the owner is there to see if you feel comfortable with each other.

A lemonade stand is one of the most popular kids businesses. On hot, sunny days you can make enough extra cash to buy something you really want. Start by creating your lemonade stand. Use a foldout table and add a large cardboard sign to the front of the table. Use your art skills to get creative with your lemonade stand so that it attracts attention. Normally, the location for a lemonade stand will be your own front yard, but you may want to choose an area where more people will see your stand. Another business that has always been popular and is a lot like a lemonade stand is selling baked goods, like cookies and homemade donuts.

If you love to talk with your friends online through Facebook or other social sites, then starting your own blog might be a terrific business for you. Blogs are pretty easy to make, but you may need your mom or dad to help you, depending on your age and how familiar you are with the internet. The way blogs make money is through advertisements that appear on your blog. So if you have a lot of friends and have something to say, a blog could make you some extra cash.

If you don't mind doing chores, you may find that some of your neighbors need help with this kind of work. This is especially true of senior citizens who are disabled. The types of chores you may be asked to do could include vacuuming the floor, washing dishes, doing laundry, and taking out the trash. Besides earning extra money, you can also feel good that you are helping someone who will really appreciate it.

Many kids have gained fame by putting videos on YouTube. If you like to talk about stuff that's important to kids your age or have a great singing voice or another talent, creating your own YouTube video channel can make you some money through YouTube's revenue share program. Remember that you should always talk to your parents before starting your own YouTube channel. They can even help you shoot your video and maybe give you a lot of helpful advice. Your parents can also help set up the revenue share program for your account.

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