9 Creative Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur Artist

Art Business IDEAS for Beginners

Business Ideas / September 11, 2019

I am always amused when people come to me complaining about unemployment, bad economy and all of that; and then you look at something they have, maybe a piece of jewelry and it’s looking so lovely that you can’t help but comment on how admirable it looks and you end up getting a response like “oh, this! I made it myself.”

So you can make jewelries that are this lovely and you are still complaining about unemployment? Seriously? A lot of people have so many skills but they are ignorant of the fact that those skills are money spinners.

People often have this thought that nobody would buy the stuffs they make. That’s so untrue. All you need is the right packaging and marketing skills and you will be surprised with how much you can make from simple stuffs that you can make at home. Without wasting time, below is a list of 20 art and crafts business ideas-:

1. Arts Auctions-: You can organize auctions for art lovers to come and bid for, and buy creative work of arts. You don’t need to have special skills to do this. You can just be a promoter who helps to organize these events and get paid for it.

2. Calligraphy-: I bet you didn’t know you could turn that your love for calligraphy into a money making venture. A visit to freelancing websites would change your mind.

3. Candle making

4. Christmas Decorations-: Christmas is a period of fun for people especially kids and most people love to change the look of their homes and decorate it for Christmas. You can start making decorations that people would like for sale.

5. Craft Shows-: You can also organize events where people can come and showcase their artwork and charge fees for the stands that they would buy.

6. Handmade greeting cards-: Ready-made greeting cards are becoming extinct. People now prefer hand-made greeting cards so that they can put in their own words and expressions into the making of the cards.

Jewelry is a hot sales fashion item as many men and women would rather not leave their homes without a piece of jewelry. If you know how to make earring, beads, hand chains or necklaces, you can earn good money from selling those items.

8. Knitting-: Most young ladies learnt to knit either from mum, grandma or during art and craft lessons at school. You can knit baby sweater, blankets and even cardigans for sale.

9. Mobile art Gallery-: You can also start a mobile art gallery if you have a good truck. Just arrange some very lovely work of art in your truck and make it visible so that people can see them easily and buy them as you drive around.

If you love painting, you can turn that hobby into a money making venture. You can either paint houses or make wall paintings for sale.

11. Pottery-: If you have learnt and mastered the skill of pottery, you stand to make good money from selling your collection.

12. Wine rack Manufacturing

Lovely wine racks could be made from a variety of materials like wood, metals or glass. If you know how to carve or make lovely wine racks, you can start earning good money from it. You could make small, portable wine racks and offer them for sale on the internet.

13. Writing ‘how to’ books-: You can also make money from teaching other people some of the skills that you possess. You can do this by publishing books that teach people some of these skills.

14. Picture Frames

Almost every home I’ve ever stepped into had one picture or another hanging in a frame. Wedding pictures, graduation pictures and other pictures of memorable events are usually framed and hanged in people’s houses as a form of decoration. This means that you can’t go wrong with making frames for people to hang their pictures.

15. Arts Teacher

There are schools that won’t mind paying you to become an arts teacher. Just put together a nicely written CV and application letter to schools around you and you will be surprised that some of them have actually been hunting for an arts teacher.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com