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Online Business IDEAS for Moms

Online Business / April 26, 2017

Making some money by the side while you care for your kids.

4 Proven Online Business Ideas for Stay-at-home Moms

Truth is, even as a stay-at-home mom, you won’t spend every moment with the kids. There are times when they are asleep, and there are times when they are busy playing with their toys. You can convert those “free” times into cool cash.

With the Internet, you can set up your own viable business and earn money for as long as you wish. Here are 5 profitable online business ideas you should consider starting as a stay-at-home mom.

  1. Freelancing

This simply entails offering services to remote clients over the Internet. Examples of such services that are in huge demand include writing, graphics design, virtual assistance, typing, online marketing, programing, and web design. If you’re skilled in any of these, then clients all over the world are looking for people like you.

As a freelancer, you set your prices, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn monthly. The keys to success with this option include top quality service, exceptional customer support, and aggressive marketing skills.

  1. Blogging

Even though several thousands of blogs are created every day, there’s still enough room in the “blogosphere” for new entrants. If you’re particularly knowledgeable or passionate about any topic, consider starting a blog where you’ll share interesting and valuable stuff on that topic. Whether it’s technology, travel, music, religion, senior careor whatever, you’ll find lots of people online who are ready to read your stuff — if it’s really worth reading.

From the start, you’ll have to work hard by publishing lots of valuable, in-depth content consistently. More importantly, you’ll have to share your posts on social media platforms, forums, and on other blogs. This way, you’d gradually build your audience and traffic. And you have a massive followership, you can monetize your blog with contextual ads, direct ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and your own information products.

  1. E-commerce

The word “e-commerce” sounds big to many people, but the truth is anyone can start small. You too can start your own online store where you’d sell items that you can make yourself or source locally. For example, if you’re talented in bead making, you can make beautiful jewelry from beads and put them up for sale online.

If this option sounds cool to you, bear in mind that you’d have to set up a professional e-commerce website, sign up with a reputable payment gateway, and set aside some funds for marketing.

  1. Dropshipping

If e-commerce is a no-no for you, then you might want to consider dropshipping, which is much easier. Dropshipping simply entails, setting up an online platform where you’ll receive orders and payment, but the actual delivery will be handled by the manufacturer or retailers you work with. You make profit by taking a cut off each sale. And you don’t have to worry about delivery.

To succeed with dropshipping, you need to market your platform aggressively — even if that means spending big bucks.

While there are many other online business ideas, the four discussed here are relatively easy to start and succeed at — provided you play your cards right. If any of these ideas sound cool to you, search the web for more information about it, and start taking steps towards getting started. Online business really rocks.

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