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Best Business IDEAS for the Future

Business Ideas / October 6, 2019

10 High-Growth Business Ideas

Most small businesses start with a great idea. However, we know that sometimes a great small business idea can be coaxed out with a bit of help. To whet your entrepreneurial appetite, we scanned trends in society, our economy and technology and government regulations and came up with a list of businesses expected to grow in the next 10 years. Your next great small business idea could be in this list!


Nanotechnology is a science that deals at the molecular level. Scientists and engineers are developing molecular machines, like microscopic level diagnostic chips that we can swallow to enable a doctor to track what’s happening in our body. Nanotechnology will open the door to thousands of new products and services that never existed before – so think small!

Wireless technology

With rapid advances in artificial intelligence, processing speeds and integrated circuitry, the future of mobile “office on the go” devices seems positive. Many small businesses are being started that deal with wireless products, from smartphone applications to internet service networks.

“Tween” products and services

Between spending their own money and influencing their parents’ purchase decisions, tweens – children between eight and 12 years old – control nearly $300 billion in annual North American spending. Cooking classes, dance lessons, golf lessons, clothing, books and spas serving the tween market are businesses that have tapped into this segment.

Pet-related products and services

There are over 200 million dogs and cats in North America and consumers are willing to spend money to pamper their pets. Growth areas in this industry include services for pets such as dog walking and pet-sitting, special gourmet food treats, dog training and specialized medical care for pets such as chemotherapy and dental cleanings.

Internet-based businesses